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A minibusload of modern-day teenagers is hijacked by Jiro Agino, a time-traveler from the future, who drags them back to WWII Tokyo, and then to feudal Japan. They arrive at Azuchi Castle in 1582, just before the surprise attack that will/did/could result in the death of Nobunaga Oda. Jiro has determined that this is a critical moment in history, and that, had Nobunaga survived, Japan would have been spared the seclusion and stagnation of the Tokugawa period-forecasting that when Western powers arrived in the 19th century they would not have been able to treat Japan as a second-class nation. This in turn would have created a better political climate in the Pacific, and averted Japan's involvement in WWII! The gang is faced with a dilemma-to change history by warning Nobunaga (portrayed with a sympathy rare in his other anime appearances such as Yotoden), or to keep quiet and risk dying in the coming "surprise" attack. Meanwhile, far-future assassin Toshito Kutajima arrives to terminate Jiro's meddling, while schoolgirl Tetsuko "Teko" Hayasaka unhelpfully falls in love with Nobunaga's page-boy Ranmaru. Sometimes confused with Goshogun spin-off Etranger, this has more in common with Fire Tripper minus the cute infant. Considering the famous names all over the crew (note They Were Eleven's Hagio designing alongside future Memories-director Morimoto), it's a real mystery why this was never picked up for U.S. release. Based on a young adult SF novel by Taku Mayumura. In 2003, the unrelated anime Goshogun was released in the U.S. under the confusing title of Time Stranger, in what we can only assume was a deliberate attempt to annoy the authors of the Anime Encyclopedia.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Mori Masaki Director Writer, Storyboard
Hisatoshi Motoki Key Animator
Kengo Inagaki Key Animator
Kunihiko Sakurai Key Animator
Makoto Ito Key Animator
Michiyo Sakurai Key Animator
Shigetaka Kiyoyama Key Animator
Shinsuke Terasawa Key Animator
Yoshiaki Kawajiri Key Animator Director.
Yuki Kinoshita Key Animator
Moto Hagio Character Artist/Designer A pioneering mangaka who is considered the "founding mother" of modern shoujo manga.
Yoshio Takeuchi Writer
Atsushi Yamatoya Writer
Kazuo Oga Art Director
Ryoichi Kuniyoshi Music
Hiroshi Fukutomi Storyboard
Toshio Hirata Storyboard
Takuo Noda Animation Director
Masao Maruyama Producer Founder of Studio Madhouse.
Rintaro Producer

Original US Poster Art

General Information Edit
Name: Time Stranger
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1986
Name: 時空の旅人 -Time Stranger-
Romaji: Toki no Tabibito Time Stranger
Release Date: Dec. 20, 1986
Rating: None
Runtime: 91 (mins)
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Aliases Time Traveler Time Stranger
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