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Time of Eve is an anime series in the Eve no Jikan franchise
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I have enjoyed the Time of Eve! Reviewed by AURON570 on July 7, 2010. AURON570 has written 4 reviews. His/her last review was for Puella Magi Madoka Magica. 21 out of 22 users recommend his reviews. 9 out of 9 users found this review helpful.
This anime is awesome. You must watch it. It is only 6 episodes (there is a possibility of a second season but nothing official yet), and you can watch them all in one sitting! The anime does a really good job of explaining and showing everything. The characters are all very memorable and have their own story. Full of emotion which at times makes you question, "Is there really a difference between human and robot?", "Is it okay to love a robot?".
Time of Eve is set in the "not too distant future" where robots have become commonplace. One day Rikuo, a high school student, notices that his house robot, Sammy, has been acting independantly. By looking at Sammy's movement logs Rikuo traces Sammy's movement to a cafĂ© called Time of Eve. This cafe's single rule is that there is no discrimination between robots and humans. You'll understand what I mean when you watch it. 
The reason such a cafe like Time of Eve exists, is because there's this ironically named "Ethics Corporation" that is sort of anti-robot. The corporation believes that you should treat robots as robots, humans created robots therefore they are the master, we tell robots what to do and that's that. So "robot lover" has become sort of a derogatory term for people who feel for robots the same way they feel for a human being. 
Where the anime really shines is in the incredibly visceral relationships that it displays, whether it be human-robot, human-human, or robot-robot. At first Rikuo is scared in the cafe because he can't tell who's a robot and who's human, but after a while the place grows on him as he learns the stories of those who visit the cafe regularly. 
I have to say the most boring part of the anime was the political talk in episode 6. The anime doesn't resolve the political aspect of the story. However, as I mentioned this anime is less about the politics or philosophic issues, and more about showing different relationships.
There are some real gut-wrenching scenes, it's really well done, a few times I wanted to cry. The scene with the old robot trying to remember his name is, for me, the most emotional.
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