Time for the Game to Begin!

Time for the Game to Begin! is an anime episode of Beelzebub that was released on 09/24/2011

St. Ishiyama Arc

Time for the Game to Begin!

It has come down to this! The anticipated volleyball match between the Ishiyama High students and the Six Holy Knights has begun! With their status as students and imminent expulsion hanging in the balance, Oga and friends know that they must win this match at all costs. However, the Six Holy Knights will not go down without putting up one hell of a match first. Can the team from Ishiyama High pull off the upset? Or will they be crushed by their rivals and be expelled? And just who is the mysterious person from Oga's shrouded past that arrives at the festival?

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Hey!" by FLOW

 Team Ishiyama vs. The Six Knights
 Team Ishiyama vs. The Six Knights

The volleyball game is finally about to begin, with the crowds cheering on their home team, the Six Knights. As they chant Izuma's name, he thanks Team Ishiyama in making the school festival a success. Confused, he explains that because they had taken on the "bad guy" role, the students of the school have given them (the Six Knights) greater support which is surprising since most of the students often fear them. Aoi however tells Izuma that its too early to consider the festival a "smashing success" as the two shake hands.

 Oga dunks the ball...huh?
 Oga dunks the ball...huh?

As they wait for the match to begin, the referee stops and asks if Team Ishiyama intends to play with a baby, referring to Beel. Although he doesn't state that its against the rules, he merely asks Oga if he wants to play with Beel on his back. With no objections from the Six Knights who merely state that Oga never takes Beel off his back, the referee decides to allow it. With that settled, the game officially begins. The Six Knights make the first move, with Shinjo throwing a spike serve that is easily returned by Aoi. But after Himekawa tries to spike it, Izumo blocks it with his hands, giving his team an early lead. Oga then signals Toujou and the two start to play with the ball in a basketball-like fashion, causing the entire room to suddenly go silent. The referee calls their play a foul while Aoi starts to yell at them for their stupidity.

With the Six Knights' slight lead in the game, Toujou and Oga start to get fired up, adding that their opponents are better than expected. But Aoi remarks that its their fault that they're losing, explaining that they are not allowed to cover the ball, hide the ball, hold the ball, jump the net, and especially bust the ball, all which have been done by the two. As they realize that they had committed all these fouls, Himekawa gives them a little advice, saying that they shouldn't be committing fouls so obviously. With that in mind, the team decides to take a time-out and plan out a strategy. With the game temporarily on hold, Shizuka walks up to Izuma and asks about the "provisions" arranged after the match for Miki. After stating that he won't accept anything "half-baked", Izumo replies that there's nothing to be concerned about, adding that Ishiyama will probably do the work for them. Meanwhile, Gou and the others talk about Ishiyama's lack of skills and knowledge in the game of volleyball.

 Beel, the substitute volleyball
 Beel, the substitute volleyball

With the game about to continue, the Six Knights take notice of the evil and creepy looks that Team Ishiyama is giving them. As they provoke them, Himekawa thinks to himself that a foul is only a foul is its against the rules and that they have a rule made especially for them. As Shizuka does a jump serve, Aoi returns it and calls the receiver to get it. Team Ishiyama then performs a combo attack, whereby Oga, Toujou, and Himekawa hide Natsume (the receiver) in an attempt to confuse the Six Knights. As they try to figure out who'll receive the ball from behind, Miki yells out that Oga is the one, as the named boy jumps up in the air to seemingly spike the ball. Gou and Sakaki prepare to block it, confident that they got it, when they suddenly realize that the ball is actually Baby Beel, who acted as a decoy while Himekawa spiked the real ball on the other end. Miki calls the play a foul but Himekawa denies the false accusations, saying that  the Six Knights recognized Oga and Beel as a single player, hence there was no rule against it. 

 Aoi unable to return Izuma's serve
 Aoi unable to return Izuma's serve

Using Beel to their advantage, Team Ishiyama manages to get in the lead however, their hopes of winning dwindle as Izuma's powerful serve knocks back Aoi, consequently ending the first set in the Six Knights' favor. With her arms all red, she temporarily sits of the match to recover while Nene persuades Furuichi to fill in for her. As he dramatically begins the second set with a weak underhand serve, he quickly runs away once the Six Knights spike the ball back to him. 

 We're winning this!
 We're winning this!

Meanwhile, Hilda sits beside Aoi and asks her what she thinks of "that man", referring to Izuma, however Aoi misunderstands this as a referral to Oga and replies by asking Hilda if she's concerned about him to which she answers yes. Hilda then begins to wonder if Izuma has any demon powers since his abilities excel those of an ordinary human's despite not sensing an demonic energy at the moment. Aoi tells her that she is also concerned about him (Oga) but only as any classmate would and that its fun being around him but adds that its mostly when everyone is together. Suddenly, she realizes that if they'd lose they would all be expelled, meaning that their class would come to an end. Determined to prevent that from happening, Aoi puts herself back into the game, telling her teammates that she'll dig out every single one of Izuma's serves and claims that they will win. With newfound confidence, Team Ishiyama scores point after point without any signs of stopping. After displaying their amazing teamwork and skills, the crowd begins to cheer them on.

 Oga wins it for the team
 Oga wins it for the team

Near the end of the third set, both teams continue to play with vigor despite their low stamina. Himekawa serves the ball but it gets away from him, giving the Six Knights the chance to win with Izumo spiking the ball. Although Natsume blocks it, it rebounds back into Team Ishiyama's side of the net, forcing Aoi to run after it. As the ball falls further and further away from her, the Six Knights assure their victory, however they become shocked upon seeing Oga returning it with a powerful hit. With the ball hitting in bounds, Team Ishiyama are declared the winners whose expulsion has been rescinded as a result. Miki begins to beat himself up for his team's lose but Gou taps him on the head and tells him that they're a team. As the teams group to the center of the field, Izuma admits their defeat and tells Aoi that he'll remember her name since she's the one he lost to.

 An unexpected guest arrives
 An unexpected guest arrives

Suddenly, a familiar face from the past appears to take revenge on Oga.

Closing Theme

"Nanairo Namida" by Tomato n' Pine

Points of Interest

  • Master En and his three wet nurses make a second appearance as background characters.
  • Team Ishiyama wins their volleyball match against the Six Knights, saving themselves from expulsion.
  • Himekawa puts his hair down in the middle of the match.
  • According to Aoi, Izuma's serve is nothing compared to Hilda's.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Unlike the anime, the manga did not reveal the man dressing in a cat costume prior to the volleyball match. Despite that, his face is not revealed in both versions.
  • Unlike the manga, Lord En and his wet nurses make an earlier appearance.
  • Anime Only Scene: Furuichi thinks about Nene, Chiaki, and Aoi cheerleading in swimsuits. Nene is the only one with the two piece.

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Nobuhiro Takamoto Director
Masahiro Yokotani Series Composition He is one the who does the scripts and series composition.
Haruo Miyakawa Key Animator
Masami Abe Key Animator
Miyuki Nakamura Animation Director


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