Time and Keys

Time and Keys is an anime episode of Bakuman. that was released on 10/23/2010

Time and Keys Episode 4

Time and Key (時と鍵) Toki to Kagi

Now that Moritaka Mashiro has a new resolve to become a mangaka with Akito Takagi, he pushes himself to the limit and begins to practice relentlessly in order to fulfill his dream. But when a new rival appears that wins the Tezuka Award, how will that change the hopeful lover who wants nothing more than to marry the girl of his dreams?

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

Blue Bird by Kobukuro

As a new day starts in Japan, Moritaka Mashiro is stuck at his desk as he tries different pens to get the right lines going in his art. Realizing school will start soon, he packs up his gear and heads for class. Granted this doesn't work too well since he falls asleep during his midterms and becomes the ridicule of the class. After school, Akito Takagi wonders what's wrong as Mashiro explains how he couldn't relax without the pen he uses for drawing manga. He explains to Takagi the differences in pens as they head for the studio. Takagi worries a bit about Mashiro's health as Mashiro gives him a spare key to the studio, telling him that he can come over any time as they head to practice for the day.

Takagi and Mashiro practice their work
Takagi and Mashiro practice their work

Takagi marvels over Mashiro's work as Mashiro explains that the lines are too stiff and it doesn't really work out as well as he had hoped. Mashiro shows other drawings to Takagi that to the naked eye, look perfect, but to him, they are still worthless. He laments again about how he wants to marry Miho Azuki by the time he turns eighteen as it helps him focus. Takagi asks what he needs to do in order to help out as Mashiro tells him to read some of the books on the shelves in order to get an idea of how to work properly in the setting. They talk about what it takes to be a man as Mashiro tells him something Nobuhiro taught him as a kid.

As Takagi and Mashiro leave school the next day, they walk by Kaya Miyoshi's class where a group of students are marveling the art skills of Hidemitsu Ishizawa who draws nothing but cute girls. Miyoshi is the only one to point out the critical flaw that they almost look near identical and have no real depth to them. Takagi and Mashiro can't help but to laugh as Takagi explains how Ishizawa is an attention seeker and doesn't know the first thing about manga even though he tries to act like it. The two stop at a convenience store to pick up a few things as Takagi wants the latest issue of Jump. To his and Mashiro's shock, they find in the issue the winner of the Tezuka Award Eiji Niizuma and his award winning piece. They notice his age and realize that he is only a year older than they are.

After that, things become a bit tense as life at home for Mashiro is awkward due to Kayoko's dissapproval of the whole thing. She tries to tell him off for spending all of his time at the studio before his grandfather asks for more dinner, showing that he still approves of Mashiro's choice as does his own father. Again, after school, Takagi wonders what kind of person Niizuma is to get sponsored like that in Jump with that level of skill. Mashiro knows that Niizuma probably has an editor at this point and relates several stories he has heard about editors to Takagi, stating that he hopes they get an editor who pushes them to

Azuki and Mashiro are synched with their love
Azuki and Mashiro are synched with their love

their best. Takagi declares that they will meet one by the end of the summer and turn in something good to Jump. While the two head home, they come across Azuki with her mother Miyuki and her sister Mina walking in the opposite directions. The two lovers tense up and hide behind their friends, blushing the whole time as they try to walk past one another. However, as Mashiro looks back as Azuki, he finds that she is looking back at him at the exact same moment, causing the two to pause for what feels like an eternity. At that same moment though, the editors of Jump have called Niizuma to ask if he could start serialization of a new series for Jump as he yells out random sounds and drawing as he produces manga at a fervent pace.

Ending ThemeBakurock ~Mirai no Rinkakusen~ ( Bakurock ~未来の輪郭線~ Bakurock: Outline the Future) by Ya-kyim

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Kenichi Kasai Director
Noriaki Akitaya Director Noriaki Akitaya is an anime episode director who worked on the Code Geass series.
Takeshi Obata Original Concept Illustrator of Death Note.
Tsugumi Ohba Original Concept The mysterious author of the supernatural thriller Death Note.
Tomoyuki Shitaya Character Artist/Designer Character designer for Bakuman and KissXSis (TV)
Reiko Yoshida Writer
Yuniko Ayana Writer A writer for animes.
Audio Highs Music Composer for Gintama and Bakuman.


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