Tiger & Bunny Characters

Tiger & Bunny is an anime series in the Tiger & Bunny franchise
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Agnes Joubert

The producer for Hero TV.

Albert Maverick

The President and CEO of Apollon Media, the company responsible for Hero TV and sponsor company for Wild Tiger and Barnaby. He is reveled to be the one responsible for killing Barnaby parents with his NEXT ability to alter anyones memory.

Antonio Lopez

A Super Hero known as Rock Bison whose costume includes advertising for Japanese barbecue restaurant chain Gyu-Kaku. He is good friends with Kotetsu T. Kaburagi (Wild Tiger)

Barnaby Brooks Jr.

A rookie hero who does not conceal his identity and the newest addition to Hero TV. Partnered with Wild Tiger for the new season, he has the same superpower as him. His powered suit includes advertising for Bandai.

Ivan Karelin

A japanophile in a ninja-themed costume who rarely takes action and engages himself more in advertising than in actual crime-fighting.

Kaede Kaburagi

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi's daughter who is a NEXT with the ability to mimic other NEXT abilities through contact

Karina Lyle

A female Super Hero with freezing powers that goes by the name Blue Rose. Her costume includes advertising for Pepsi NEX, a zero calorie Pepsi available in Japan developed by Suntory.

Keith Goodman

Currently the most popular hero in the city and winner of last season's "King of Heroes" title. His uniform includes advertising for Japanese figure company Tamashii Nations and streaming website Ustream.tv.

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi

A Veteran superhero whose old-fashioned ways and reckless attitude have been harming his carreer. He is the least popular among the heroes of Sternbild City and his company was taken over. Now he is forced by his new employers to become Barnaby's partner against his will.

Nathan Seymore

A Super Hero known as Fire Emblem.

Pao-Lin Huang

Kung Fu fighter armed with a staff and is able to produce lightning. Her uniform includes advertising for Japanese food company Calbee and Japanese website DMM.com.

Yuri Petrov

Lunatic is a homicidal antihero, looking to put his targets in the ground rather than arrest them. He is uninterested in points, his goal only to bring his form of justice to the world. His ability is the manipulation of a powerful blue-green flame.

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