Tiger & Bunny

Tiger & Bunny is an anime series in the Tiger & Bunny franchise
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Sunrise's new show about superpowers called "Next" work for a sponsor company and accumulate points by each feat accomplished and the best ranked hero of the season earns the title of "King of Heroes". Kotetsu T. Kaburagi is the least popular hero who is assigned with a new partner.


In distant future in place called Sternbild, people with special powers are called NEXT, and some of them have decided to became superheroes. The superheroes however, have advertisements on their costume that they have received from their sponsor companies, which actually exist. The reason is because all of the superheroes' actions are being broadcast on television show called Hero TV. Depending on their heroic performance, such as saving civilians or captured the criminals, the heroes are awarded with points. At the end of "season" the hero with most points is crowned as the King of Heroes. One of the heroes is a man named Kotetsu T. Kaburagi also known Wild Tiger. Even though Kotetsu is a veteran hero, he ends up causing more trouble than performing heroic deed, which forces the TV station to pay for the destruction he has caused. When his hero agency goes bankrupt, he gets hired by multi-milinare company and gets new suits and new sponsor but with one condition; he must team up with Barnaby Brooks Jr..


Kotetsu T. Kaburagi

One of main character of the show, known as Wild Tiger in his hero costume. Kotetsu has been a superhero for long time, possibly about five or more years. Unlike other heroes who are competing each other for more points and advertisement, Kotetsu jumps in whenever somebody needs help. Despite his desire to help, he can't help but to cause extra damages giving troubles to himself and those around him, such as the TV company that airs Hero TV. Due to the damages he has caused, he is also known as Damage Fine Man. When his former employer went bankrupt and gets hired by new company, he was forced to team up with Barnaby Brooks Jr.. Kotetsu's suit advertise S.H. Figuarts and SoftBank.

Barnaby Brooks Jr.

The other main character of the show. He doesn't have a nickname as a hero because he wishes to use his and his father's name. Unlike Kotetsu who will help anybody, Barnaby only worries about getting more points in the Hero TV show. This difference in idea often clashes between Barnaby and Kotetsu, resulting interfering with each other than actually getting the job done. The reason why Barnaby act like is due to his parent's death when he was four years old, and the only clue he had was tattoo on the murderer's right hand, Ouroboros. Ever since, Barnaby has been fixated on finding the murderer that's responsible for his parent's death which made him consumed with hatred and revenge. Kotetsu calls him Bunny because his armor suit has earpieces that looks like bunny's ear. Barnaby's suit advertises Amazon.co.jp and Bandai.

Karina Lyle

Other hero or heroine of Hero TV, has power to freeze anything she touches and known as Blue Rose on the show. Unlike the other heroes, she only became the hero only because that, according to her employer, only way for her to become singing idol is by working as a hero first. In truth only thing she really wanted to do in the first place was to sing, not become a hero and perform dangerous tasks. She advertise Pepsi NEX, drinks that is only available in Japan.

Ivan Karelin

Known as Origami Cyclone, Ivan is the weakest and has the lowest points because unlike the other heroes who are on the scene to help people, Ivan just appears in the background to advertise his sponsors. Ivan only thinks that he is weak and unfit to be a hero since his power is not suitable for combat, shape shifting into the person he just touched. Ivan's costume advertises .ANIME only in first 13 episodes but also advertises, Livedoor, NAM-Chara Cheer Squad, and Katsuya Takasu's beauty clinic starting episode 14

Pao-Lin Huang

Tomboy from China, as Dragon Kid on the show Pao-Lin uses her staff and electrical power to fight against her opponents. She advertises Japanese food company Calbee and Japanese website DMM.com.

Keith Goodman

Also having another nickname as Wind Wizard, Sky High was crowned as King of Heroes for longest time. Even thought he has power to control wind, he uses rockets on his back to fly. His costume advertises Tamashii Nation and Ustream.tv.

Antonio Lopez

Kotetsu's best friend since high school, Rock Bison is another veteran hero of the show. Just like his hero nickname would suggest, he has bull-themed costume. His power is to make himself invulnerable, but he uses drills on his shoulder to attack. His costume advertises Japanese barbecue restaurant chain Gyu-Kaku.

Nathan Seymour

Effeminate man known as Fire Emblem on the show, uses his power of fire to attack his opponent. Unlike other heroes who have been hired by sponsor companies, Fire Emblem is sponsoring himself with his own company but it's not clear what exactly his company does to earn money. His costume advertises Fujitsu Multimedia Vison, or FMV, and anime/manga retailer named Animate.

Theme Songs

Opening Theme:

Theme 01 : "Orion wo nazoru" (オリオンをなぞる) by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN (episode 1 - 13)

Theme 02 : "Missing Link" by NOVELS

Ending Theme:

Theme 01 : "Hoshi no sumika" (星のすみか) by Aobozu (episode 1-13)

Theme 02 : "Mind Game" (マインドゲーム) by 珠妃 Tamaki

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Keiichi Sato
Masakazu Katsura
Yoshihiro Ike

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General Information Edit
Name Tiger & Bunny
Name: タイガー&バニー
Romaji: Taigā Ando Banī
Publisher Sunrise Inc.
Start Year 2011
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