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Did the budget drop out? Man, that animation quality has gone down.
Did the budget drop out? Man, that animation quality has gone down.

The 10 birthday is a little heartbreaker of a milestone for little girls’ daddies and uncles. Even though it was more of a result of him being away for so long, I was sympathizing with Kotetsu during all the little gags where he learns that his daughter’s now too old for most kinds of play. My eldest niece just turned 10 and, yeah, it was a little sad to realize that she’s a big girl, now, so “Uncle Tom” can’t wrestle with her anymore.

Such reminisces get at the appeal of this show. Conceptually, it hasn’t done anything especially innovative within the genre, but it makes up for that by having real heart for its characters. It says a lot that it’s devoted an entire episode to one of the guy taking a vacation in his sleepy old home town and sorting out his family business in a fashion that only involves NEXT powers for maybe two minutes out of the total twenty. I’ve seen plenty of switchback tonal turns in these shows, but this is the first one I’ve come across that felt like it took me from X-MEN to CURLY SUE.

And that works. Although, I guess Kotetsu using his powers to save little Kaedke at the end has some issues if you think about it more. Obviously, you’ve got to have at least one scene with impossible stuff happening. The show’s set expectations that need to be fulfilled, and it does put a nice bow on the guy’s reconciliation with his daughter. However, I don’t know - - is there something to be said about how she needed her Daddy to perform such a spectacular for her to stop hating him? It actually puts a little cynical spin on the saccharine.

Watch this episode "Blood Is Thicker Than Water" below, decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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It's not about Kotetsu doing the impossible to impress her, it's simply about him being for her in a time of need in a way that a 10 year old can appreciate. You'll note that she doesn't realize at all that there was NEXT power involved in the unblocking of the shrine doors. Kaede simply saw her father pushing himself pretty hard by lifting a giant log out of fatherly love. And that does resolve things in a satisfying way for both sides. Kotetsu realizes he can be a hero without being a Hero while Kaede is given a reminder that her father still loves her after 10 years of unintended negligence.

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I didn't really get a cynical impression from the rescue scene. Kaede is a little girl who's father has been absent for most of her life with little explanation. Based on my experiences, it would take something grand for a little girl to trust her father again after something like that. Don't forget how Kotetsu technically missed her ice skating performance earlier in the season since he was there as Wild Tiger.
I didn't really get why Kotetsu couldn't tell her he was Wild Tiger. Superheroes always say its dangerous for family to know, but I think that's not true. It's only dangerous if the villain knows because then he could target the hero's family. If only the family & friends know then the villain doesn't have that advantage.
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@Lurkero: Part of that probably comes from Kotetsu's own personality: putting everyone else's well being before his own. He doesn't want his daughter to worry daily for his well being and would rather be hated than be worried about.

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I'm just loving this show any way it gets to me, I hope it cleans up in 26 episodes, then I can recommend it for others to see it..  Without being 200 episodes long, I can say that this is a GOOD anime. I like the ones that can keep a half realistic plot line.
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Later on you'll see how far Kotetsu will go to protect his daughter. Kaede doesn't just want her father to do something impressive but just the acknowledgment of him caring about her.
BTW if you're interest in a parenting show try watching Usagi Drop (Bunny Drop)
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This one is another one that set up stuff for later shows.The shows become on of my favorites of the new season along with Blue Exorcist .From a comic fans perspective it to me is better than many of the past 5 years of comic super hero carttons.From a anime fan its got enuff twists an turns ,subtle in jokes from anime to video games that i love it for that.

Far as the daughter an father reationship thing.Every daughter i have known loves their father no matter how bad they are or how absent they have been.They may not trust them totaly but theirs always gona be seads for that till they become adults.Im sure some can give examples of those who hate at a young age their fathers.But deep down they always that want for trust an a father.

I think her reactions to him are very realistic.He was not abusive but absent,All things considered this episode sets up biger things in the series an never felt to sweet .

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