Watch & Learn: TIGER & BUNNY #12

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Evil's never been so fashion-conscious.
Evil's never been so fashion-conscious.

If I could make one note for the translation team on the inevitable dub, I’d say that they really ought to throw in some quick line to clarify that Jake will blow up the city if the heroes don’t take him on in the order he dictates. If the heroes underestimate him, then it would make sense for them to go along with this one-on-one nonsense because they’re expecting Sky High to kick his ass without any trouble. But after the big hoss gets trounced so easily, the pendulum swings into Saturday Morning if the heroes seriously aren't entertaining the notion of ganging up on Jake. Fairplay shouldn’t be a concern when civilians’ lives are at stake.

That is, unless Jake’s specifying so in his fiendish plot. It’s something I inferred after the fact, but it’s still something that would’ve been better said aloud.

If we’re talking about pendulums, then whatever one assigns blame is surely pointing at Kotetsu, right now. Loose cannon or no, second-guessing Barnaby like that actually does reflect worse on him. I’ve commented on how I’ve appreciated Tiger for being such an underdog, but I do wonder if his decision-making’s so random (or instinctual, if you prefer) that he’s only ever proven right by the luck of the draw. His stand against Jake was halfway admirable, but I doubt he planned that surprise kick so much as it just slipped out of him accidentally.

Guess I wasn’t actually that far off in comparing Jake to “Mr. J” earlier. Dude may dress like a TEKKEN fighter and brawl like a SNK boss, but this whole dog and pony show with the open-invitational is just like something the Joker would do. And Kriem’s acting more and more like Harley with each episode, so the comparison's just double.

Watch this episode "Take Heed of the Snake in the Grass" below, decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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The 1-on-1 really annoyed me. Typical shonen anime plot right there. "He's going to destroy the world, so let's fight him one on one until we win."
At first I gave Kotetsu the benefit of the doubt, but the writers have made him so inept at strategy and thinking ahead that I quickly changed my mind. He just kept rushing at Jake like something different would happen.
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Its Jakes show because of the bombs.He basicly takes over hero tv an sets the pace.Theirs a few reasons why he didnt want to take them on all at once.Which will be shown i think next few episodes. But the one on ones were done for his benift. An in some ways for the cities.
Besides that one has to rember the hero tv heroes dont realy work as a team . Only duo is Tiger an Barnaby.The rest dont practice as a team at all.Its not a one on one face off for honor sake or any thing. its because thats what he demands .As well as the hero tv producer helping to streach out time . 
Never made the joker compariaosn 1st watch threw tho. But ya see it now.Tiger isnt like batman tho . Hes more seasoned sure but he gets lucky a bit here an their.He doesnt mind destroying things to save people.But hes not a super strong super dumb type either.Realy his whole out look on being a super hero is almsot totaly backward to batmans.Tiger goes on instinct an gut more than tactics.Tigers a likeable fellow.Not dark an serious. 
Stick with the show it gets twisty soon enuff.
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one can be dark and serious and be is serious business after all..
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I think you are calling the wrong person the Joker. The real Jokers are the people  creating this show! You're in for quite a rid from here on. You ain't seen nothing yet:)
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While not quite my favorite point of the series as the whole Jake arc detracts from the far more interesting Lunatic, the ending does help make more evident the remaining splinters in Tiger and Bunny's relationship, and I don't think its too much of a surprise to say that it helps mend them. Also the next episode should prove to many that Kotetsu has a better mind for strategy than you may think.

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