The TIGER & BUNNY Movies - - Details Emerge

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I still stand by my assertion that TIGER & BUNNY has serious potential to be a real crossover hit once it gets properly dubbed. When Anime Expo runs in a month or so, I have this gut feeling that I’ll be seeing plenty of Hero TV cosplayers roaming around the aisles. Their numbers might even double at AX 2013, if the dub in question hits at the right moment. Hell, they might even go up another integer depending on the release of these two flicks.

See, as you might be aware, no less than two TIGER & BUNNY movies are in the works. That’s been known for a while, but now ANN has a few more details about the particulars.

The first flick will be basically another one of those glorified clip shows - - although the makers are now insisting that it won’t be comprised entirely of clips. There will be some “untold, behind-the-scenes” stories. In the best case, that means we’ll get some new back-story scenes. In the worst case, I suppose that language could be construed to mean we’ll be seeing EPK interviews with the cast and crew intrusively interspersed throughout the movie.

The first flick’s coming out in September, while the second flick’s coming out sometime next year. It’s been confirmed that it’ll be an all new story and, if I were to hazard a wild guess, I’d imagine it might have to do with the Hero TV gang finally taking the vigilante Lunatic down. That sounds about right, no?

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I lost interest in Tiger & Bunny, but I still want to see what happens with Lunatic. I hope the movie at least somewhat concludes that character.

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Awesome news. Tiger and Bunny is my most recent favorite after marathoning (sic) it a few Sundays ago.

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Tom, I think your exaggerating the popularity of the series. Don't get me wrong, it is popular series but there are other series that were just as popular, specially one called Madoka Magica that was off the charts popular a season before Tiger and Bunny aired. I'm surprise you didn't question the amount of cosplayers of white creatures walking around with girls in pink dresses.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the movies and see where it takes super heros.

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Tiger & Bunny is one of my favourite 2010's anime so far

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I tried watching the first episode on HULU, but their player was having a weird glitch where the subtitles wouldn't always appear. My Japanese isn't good enough to follow every conversation. I didn't want to watch the show like that, and just never went back to it.

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@metalsnakezero: Rremember he said cross over hit. It is very western in many ways, especially super hero western (which is why I didn't like it much actually) so it will appeal to that audience. It may very well reach out farther than the normal anime audience. In the anime audience I agree that Madokoa was more popular.

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@zaldar: Yeah, I can see that way now that I think about it.

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