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Tiger & Bunny is a franchise comprised of 2 movies, 1 anime series, 2 manga series
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In future city of Sternbild, heroes fights against criminals everyday. However they don't hide behind the shadow and fight, rather their actions are being broadcast in TV show named Hero TV


The future city of Sternbild, which is similar to New York City has everything, and also people with superpower named NEXT. Some of the NEXT use their power for evil deed, while the other decided to fight against them but in more flashy way, by becoming superheroes of Hero TV. Broadcasting at live most of time, Hero TV is one of the highest rating TV shows in Sternbild, and its content is to show heroes in actions such as rescuing civilians or catching criminals. Hero TV awards each heroes with points depending on their actions, and hero with the most points gets crowned as the King of Heroes at the end of season. The other reason for these points is that each heroes are being sponsored by various companies, so whoever gets the most points gets more airtime and more advertising for companies, which actually exist in real life. The show concentrated on Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, also known as Wild Tiger in his hero costume. Even though he's been in the business for longest time and first one to jump when somebody needs to be rescued, he is still lower ranked hero because of his accidents making him and his company to pay damages. At the beginning of the show Kotetsu's company goes bankrupt, and forces Kotetsu to be hired to be another company but under one condition, to work with another hero, Barnaby Brooks Jr.. Kotetsu agrees to it but that turned out to be the worst idea for both of them.



Kotetsu T. Kaburagi

Wild Tiger hero suit
Wild Tiger hero suit

One of the main protagonist, he is known as Wild Tiger in his hero costume. Among the heroes he is the most active member, jumping into danger without having second thought to save the people in need. Despite his wish to help other people he ends up bringing more trouble such as breaking objects unnecessarily causing him and his company to pay huge fine. In the end his company that had been with goes bankrupt and forces Kotetsu to get hired by different company. His new company was reluctant to hire him at first, but decided to hire him with one condition, he must work with Barnaby Brooks Jr.. Kotetsu's hero costume advertise S.H. Figuarts and SoftBank.

Barnaby Brooks Jr.

Barnaby Brooks Jr Hero suit
Barnaby Brooks Jr Hero suit

Other main protagonist of the show, he is however does not have nickname. Unlike Kotetsu Barnaby is fixated on getting more points thinking that there is no merit in saving people when he is not going to gains points for it. In a way Barnaby is polar opposite of Kotetsu, often creating conflict between each other. When Barnaby was little kid, his parents were murdered by a man with tattoo on back of his man, Barnaby has been pursuing for clues who was responsible for his parent's death ever since. Barnaby is called Bunny by Kotetsu because the helmet of his suit has sharp ears which is similar to bunny ears. Barnaby's costume advertises advertises Amazon.co.jp and Bandai.

Karina Lyle

Blue Rose
Blue Rose

Teenage girl who want to be a singing idol, Karina is known as Blue Rose on the show who uses power of ice. According to her agency the only way for her to become an idol was to become a hero or heroine first, which Karina doesn't really want to do in the first place. Her mom has no problem with her being a heroine but her father is against it since not only she has to fight against dangerous criminals but also wear inappropriate costume. As time passes on Karina starts to develop feeling toward Kotetsu, even after knowing the fact that he is a single father with a daughter. Her costume advertise Pepsi NEX, drinks that is only available in Japan.

Ivan Karelin

Origami Cyclone
Origami Cyclone

Japanophile boy who is known Origami Cyclone, Ivan was the lowest ranked hero of all time. Ivan was the most inactive of them all because he thinks his powers are useless when it comes to saving people or fighting against criminals, which is shapeshifting into people he has touched. Unmotivated to participate in any heroic activities, Ivan only showed up in the background to advertise his companies. That changed when Kotetsu gave him motivational speech and his friend Edward was in danger. Initially Ivan's costume advertised .ANIME only in first 13 episodes but when his popularity rose it also started to advertise, Livedoor, NAM-Chara Cheer Squad, and Katsuya Takasu's beauty clinic starting episode 14

Pao-Lin Huang

Dragon Kid
Dragon Kid

Came all the way from China, the tomboy girl is known as Dragon Kid on the show. Her family stayed in China while she moved to Sternbild, so her manager takes care of her instead. Despite her young age, she is expert at martial art and her power to generate electricity make her lethal. Her hero costume advertises Japanese food company Calbee and Japanese website DMM.com

Keith Goodman

Sky High
Sky High

Mostly known Sky High, but also known as "Wind Wizard", Keith uses his control over wind to attack. Keith was crowned as "King of Heroes" for the longest time until Kotetsu and Barnaby started gain more points than him, which led to losing his popularity. Despite his power to control wind, he uses rocket on his back to fly. His costume advertises Tamashii Nation and Ustream.tv.

Antonio Lopez

Rock Bison
Rock Bison

With his bull themed costume Antonio Lopez is called Rock Bison in Hero TV. Antonio has been a good friend with Kotetsu since high school and has been helping him whenever he was needed. Antonio was in steady position with his ranking until Ivan started to be more active with heroic actions, this caused his ranking to be dropped. With his power making invulnerable, he uses drills on his shoulders to attack. His costume advertises Japanese barbecue restaurant chain Gyu-Kaku

Nathan Seymour

Fire Emblem
Fire Emblem

Known as Fire Emblem on show, Nathan attacks his opponents with his fire he creates. While the other heroes are being sponsored by various companies, Nathan is sponsored by his own company. It was never revealed in the show what his company do for money. He has steady record in his ranking. His costume advertises Fujitsu Multimedia Vision and Animate, anime/manga retailer. Also he is into men.


Yuri Petrov

Sternbild's judge at day, but vigilante NEXT known as Lunatic. Yuri has great involvement with the city's safety, allowing him to have authority over heroes and access certain information regarding the heroes. Not pleased with the way heroes do their jobs and the fact the criminals gets light punishment for their crime, Yuri disguises himself as vigilante known as Lunatic and kills every criminals he can find without any mercy. Yuri's power allows him to create flames just like Nathan Seymour, but Yuri creates hotter flames and he has more control over it, allowing him to use it to fly. It is revealed later Yuri's father is none than Mr.Legend, one of the best hero Sternbbild ever had, and he was also responsible Mr.Legend's death as well. Due to his fight his father, Yuri has burnt mark on his face which he covers with special makeups.

Jake Martinez

NEXT who is a member of Ouroboros, a criminal organization that is responsible for death of Barnaby's parents when he was young. Jake believes that the future belongs to NEXT, thinking they are the chosen one, superior beings than normal human beings. Jake was captured by Mr.Legend and sentenced for 250 years, but he was released when his accomplice held whole city as hostage and demanded his release. However when he was released he and accomplice didn't keep their end of bargain and decided to defeat the heroes one by one on TV proving all the heroes are weak and wrong. Jake's has two powers, one that allows him to create force field which can be used for both offense and defense when ever he snaps his fingers. His other power allows him to read other people's mind giving him great advantage during the fights.


Another NEXT who is also member of Ouroboros who is also loyal follower of Jake Martinez. Her ability allows her to animate and control objects by inserting her hair into them, such as dolls. She used her ability to control mass number of dolls and plant bombs in Sternbild, forcing the city to release Jake Martinez. When she was captured, her head was shaven to prevent her from using her powers.

Hans Chuckman

Another member of Ouroboros who also helped Jake Martinez get released, but he does not have any superpowers. He was killed by Jake Martinez as punishment for being capture.


Scientist who worked with Barnaby's parent in development of nano-metal and androids. He hates NEXTs thinking that they are nothing but monsters. He continues to develop his own androids with one goal, to defeat heroes with his own androids and replace them so there is no more NEXT.

Albert Maverick

President CEO of Apollon Media, which is also the same company that broadcast Hero TV and sponsors Wild Tiger and Barnaby. It was revealed that he was responsible for death of Barnaby's parents. Albert Maverick has been friend with them for long time, but when they found out and planned to report police about Maverick's connection with Ouroboros, he shot them. Barnaby was there at the time to witness his parents' murder but using his power Maverick manipulated Barnaby's memory placing Jake Martinez instead of him. When Kotetsu and Barnaby was close to reaching truth, he manipulated everybody's memory so Kotetsu can be killed by other heroes.

Side/Supporting Characters

Ben Jackson

Kotetsu's old boss at his previous employer. Ever since his company got bankrupt, he has been working as cab driver and remained good relationship with Kotetsu giving him tips and advises from time to time.

Agnes Joubert

New producer that's been hired for Hero TV at the beginning of the series. Even though her job title is producer she acts more of commander giving orders to each heroes. She cares mostly about raising rating for shows.

Doc Saito

Scientist who works for Apollon Media, responsible for inventing Wild Tiger and Barnaby's mech suit as well as their bikes. He speaks in barely audible voice, and only way to hear is his words is to put ears right next to his mouth. Turns out he is very talkative when he started to use microphones to speak.

Kaede Kaburagi

Daughter of Kotetsu who is unaware that her father is working as Wild Tiger. Ever since Kotetsu moved to Sternbil alone due to his job, the father and daughter relationship has been distanced for longest time. Ironically she is big fan of Barnaby. Just like her dad Kaede turned out to be NEXT as well. At first everybody thought her power was magnetism but turns out to that she can copy power of whoever she touched.



Anime series of same name has been aired since April of 2011. It was planned for 26 episode series, but due to its popularity a second season has been announced.

Status : Completed

Directed by Keiichi Sato

Licensed by Viz Media in US

General Information Edit
Name: Tiger & Bunny
Name: タイガー&バニー
Romaji: Taigā Ando Banī
Aliases: Tiger and Bunny
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