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ThunderCats is an anime series in the Thundercats franchise
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Book of Omens

An artifact that combines magic and technology, it's pages are blank, but when used properly the spirit of someone using the book is transported within it, and actually can live past events.


A musical instrument of the woodwind family that is made of wood or metal.


Crushing weapon with generally simpler and cheaper design than the swords, but they're just as lethal. The cathegory includes maces, fails, hammers and alike.

Sword of Omens

A powerful weapon wielded by Lion-O. It can only be wielded against evil.

Sword of Plun-Darr

A weapon born from the destruction of an entire star-system and the loss of countless lives, forged by a blacksmith possessed by evil spirits. It is Mumm-Ra's signature weapon.

Wanted Poster

A Wanted Poster is a poster that is used to announce to the public at larges that some individual is wanted by a government or law enforcement.

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