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ThunderCats is an anime series in the Thundercats franchise
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One of the elephant people who is an ally of the ThunderCats. Has a better memory then Anet, not that that is saying much. Taught Lion-O the "Sight Beyond Sight" technique.


One of Mumm-Ra's generals, leader of the Monkeys


A young frog thief residing in Dog City. He is coerced into his criminal life by Tookit, and is partnered with Jenyo and Gusto.

Alley Cat

A Thunderian who lived in the slums of Thundera.

Ancient Spirits of Evil

The evil spirits who Mumm-Ra serves. They seem to be four entities who speak in unison indicating constant telepathic communication.


One of the elephant people who is an ally of the ThunderCats. his memory is frustratingly poor.

Bird Judge

Proceeded over the execution of Addicus. When Addicus asked for his last meal, the judge agreed and asked what he wanted, Addicus remarked that the judge himself looked tasty. The judge was soon after presumably killed and eaten by Addicus when Slithe rescued the ape killer.


A Tiger who tried to kill Tygra to break a curse on his people placed by the Ancient Spirits of Evil.


Super-fast female member of the ThunderCats


Former king of Thundercats.


Alien who attempted to capture Berbils in order to sell them into slave labor.


Dogman and former friend of Panthro, oversees the fights in The Pit. Later, he was among the allies of the Thundercats who joined in the fight against Mumm-Ra on Bird City.

Dog Constable

Dog City police chief.


Driller is a robot who primarily works as a miner, but is also capable in combat. He/it was seen working alongside Grune under Mumm-Ra.


Emrick is a member of the Petalar species, his kind age rapidly, with their entire life span, from birth to death, taking only a single day.

Fishmen Cook

Cook aboard the Fishmen ship, and a loyal ally of the Thundercats who joined the battle against Mumm-Ra in Bird City.

Fishmen First Mate

First Mate to Captain Tunar aboard the fishmen ship.


A robotic dragonfly like being created by Jorma.


A robotic gladiator who fought Pumyra in a death match in The Pit of Dog City. It removes it's own head using it as a throwing weapon


Grune is a traitorous Thundercat.


A young Opossum thief residing in Dog City. He is coerced into his criminal life by Tookit, and is partnered with Jenyo and Albo.


Horus is a birdman loyal to Vultaire


Cleric of Thundercats.


Tygra's father.


A young Squirrel thief residing in Dog City. She is coerced into her criminal life by Tookit, and is partnered with Albo and Gusto.


A dogman citizen of Thundera, Jorma was often viewed as crazy due to his obsession with technology, which was thought to be nothing more then myth by the Thunderians. Jorma was among the few to escape capture or death during the fall of Thundera. He moved to Dog City afterwards.


A Lizard scout under the command of Slithe.


One of Mumm-Ra's generals, leader of the Jackals.


A Lizard under the command of Slithe.

Koinelius Tunar

Fishmen Captain obsessed with killing the Ramlak

LARP Swordsman (ThunderCats)

An overweight dorky swordsman who entered a swordsman contest. He told the legendary tale of his sword, which broke the second he used it, he was promptly laughed out of the contest by the crowd. Credited as Swordsman #2 in the credits.


Leo was an ancient ancestor of Lion-O. He once led the armies of Mumm-Ra, but saw his evil and formed a rebellion.


Lord of the ThunderCats

Lion-O's Mother

The mother of Lion-O and adoptive mother of Tygra, name currently unknown


A giant caterpillar turned giant butterfly and the pet of Ponzi.


General of the Thunderian army at the time of Mumm-Ra's return. He is old and blind but still a fearsome warrior.


Former servant of Ratar-O.


Enemy of Thundercats.

Ninja Swordsman (ThunderCats)

A swordsman who entered a contest of swords, he told the tale of his blade then delivered an impressive slash into a solid rock, Lion-O then sliced the rock in two winning the contest with the sword of omens, but this swordsman was the only real competition in the contest.

Noble Swordsman (ThunderCats)

A swordman who entered a contest. He only managed to deliver a minor scratch to a large stone and came in 3rd place.


The lover of Leo, she fought in the rebellion against Mumm-Ra. Panthro is a distant descendant of her.


General of Thundercats.

Petalar Elder

An honored member of the Petalars.

Petalar Leader

Leader of the Petalars.

Platypus Contest Judge

Judged a sword contest, his decision was easy after witnessing Lion-O cut an enormous stone in two with the sword of omens.


Ponzi is a bit of a con-artist who sells a magic potion as a cure-all. The potion has unexpected side-effects on those who use it. He is accompanied by his pet, a giant caterpillar turned giant butterfly Lucy.


A Thunderian female warrior who was a slave to the dogs and forced to fight for their amusement. She was later freed by Lion-O. She was the archery expert of the team, but was soon discovered to be in league with Mumm-Ra.


Cruel leader of the Rat people. He is one of Mumm-Ra's six generals.


Enemy of the ThunderCat Jaga.


Leader of the lizard men during the rebellion against Mumm-Ra. Ancestor of Slithe.

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