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Thriller Bark is a anime/manga location
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Absalom is the perverted commander of the General Zombies on Thriller Bark. He ate the Clear-Clear Fruit. He often abuses his powers to peep on women.


Bao is a small zombie that serves Gecko Moria along with Nin and Gyoro.

Captain John

Captain John is a famous pirate who was known for having hidden a great treasure. His body was reanimated as a zombie by Dr. Hogback.


Cerberus is the three-headed dog who guards the entrance to Thriller Bark, and created by Dr. Hogback. It's sensitive about being part fox.

Dr. Hogback

Once a famous surgeon who was known to have saved over a thousand lives. Now he is a member of Gecko Morias crew, and helps him make his zombie army.

Gecko Moria

Gekko Moria is a member of the World Government's Shichibukai. He ate the Kage-Kage Fruit (Shadow-Shadow Fruit). He's to use and manipulate shadows.


Gyoro is a small zombie that serves Gecko Moria along with Nin and Bao.


Hildon is a zombie created by Dr. Hogback and animated with shadows from Gecko Moria.


Inuppe is a zombie created by Dr. Hogmack as part of Perona's zombie gaurd. He was animated with the shadow of Sanji from the Straw Hat Pirates.


Jigoro is a zombie of a swordsman who died, and he was reanimated with the shadow of Roronoa Zoro as part o Gecko Moria's zombie army.


Kumacy is a bear zombie of Thriller Bark. Animated by Dr. Hogback and Gecko Moria. He is the faithful servant of Perona, but she doesn't allow him to speak.

Lola (Zombie)

Lola (Zombie) is the zombie form of Lola, and she's desperately in love with Absalom.


Nin is a small zombie that serves Gecko Moria along with Gyoro and Bao.


Oars is a supreme giant-zombie. He was repaired and animated by the powers of Gecko Moria with the shadow of Monkey D. Luffy.


Oinkchuck is one of the Surprise Zombies in the castle of Thriller Bark.


Perona was the Ghost Princess of Thriller Bark. She only likes cute things. She ate the Horo-Horo Fruit. She can create ghosts that can explode to wipe away all positive feelings.

Risky Brothers (zombie)

Risky Brothers (zombie) are the zombie animals created by Dr. Hogback as part of Perona's zombie servants. They are animated by the shadows of the Risky Brothers from the Rolling Pirates.


A samurai from the Wano Country in the New World who died and was made into a Zombie General by Dr. Hogback. He is the same Ryuuma from Oda's previous one-shot comic, Monsters.


Taralan is a gigantic spider-monkey zombie that was created by Dr. Hogback and brought to life by Gecko Moria at Thriller Bark.

Victoria Cindry

Once a famous stage actress Dr. Hogback once loved but after she died he was devastated. Gecko Moria came to him making a deal with him to bring her back to life only if he helps him make zombies. He then revived her but she was not Cindry.

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