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The Thousand Sunny is the second ship of the Straw Hat crew. Built by Franky, the ship is twice the size of the Going Merry and has many special features found on no other ship.

Thousand Sunny, more often affectionately referred to as simply Sunny, was built by the latest of the Straw Hat crew members, Franky. He was assisted by his former craftsmen pupil, Iceburg; and several other members of the Galley-La Company. Though at the time he hadn't agreed to be a member of the crew.  When the crew had first arrived at Water City Water 7, Franky's gang, the Franky Family, had stolen a large sum of money from Usopp at about 200 Million beli.
Franky had taken that money and bought wood from the legendary tree called Adam. The wood is legendary around the world and more so with craftsmen. After the events at Enies Lobby, Franky offered to build them a ship with this wood and and sail on it in their journey. He told them that this same wood had been used on the pirate ship of Gold Roger, the Oro Jackson.

Name Suggestions

The ship that is known as the Thousand Sunny started to leave Water 7 before it was given a proper name. Franky insisted that a name be chosen. A few members of the crew had their own opinions, but none were selected over the name selected by Iceburg, the Thousand Sunny.
The other name selections were:


Polar Bear Lion
Tiger Wolf Lion
Squid Octopus Chimpanzee
Dumpling Gorilla Lion


Master Sleeping Lion


Darkness Pill


Monsieur Sunflower


Lion Gang Champion



Setting Sail

Constructed after the Straw Hat Pirate Crew defeated the CP-9 and rescued their crew mate Nico Robin from a terrible fate. Franky constructed the ship with his former partner Iceburg to thanks the screw. Though Franky avoided the unveiling. He knew Luffy wanted Franky to be the shipwright. He knew that he couldn't be there, but through some rather odd coercion. The Franky Family got Franky to the launching point. Luffy, from the deck of the yet to be named Thousand Sunny, asked Franky. With a little persuasion from Robin he accepted.
Soon after setting sail, the Sunny was attacked by Luffy's Marine grandfather Garp. Just as it looked like the Thousand Sunny would never leave the waters of Water 7. Franky revealed one of the many tricks built into this ship. Through the special cola propulsion that his own body has. Franky had modified the Thousand Sunny with the ability to launch itself into the air and travel a great distance at an incredible speed. This gave the Straw Hat Pirates an easy get away.

Thirller Bark

On the Sunny the crew passed along and picked up an odd living and talking skeleton named Brook.  He had a connection to a strange island that the ship was soon trapped in. The Thriller Bark island was a gigantic mobile island made into a ship. The owner of which was the Shichibukai Geko Moria.
It was when the crew was trapped within it's borders that Franky revealed some of the many other tricks behind this amazing dream ship.

Docking System

The Docking System is located in the middle of the Thousand Sunny, but controlled at the helm's rudder wheel. Each segment is called a "Channel". Access to the docking system is through the grassy section of the main deck.

Channel 0 - Support Paddles

On Channel 0 a pair of paddle wheels exit from the side of the ship and help move the ship even when the wind is either dead or too erratic to make forward progress. Since it is powered by the Cola Engines. They take up power reserves and are normally only used during emergencies.

Channel 1 - White Hobby Horse

The Channel 1 is the docking station for Nami's upgraded Waver that Franky calls, The White Hobby Horse (shiro mokuba). Franky upgraded it without permission or really knowing what it was.

Channel 2 - Mini Merry

The Channel 2 is the docking station for the Mini Merry. It is designed as a powered mini boat that will transport the crew to make shopping trips to islands so they don't have to bring the Thousand Sunny too far inland.
It was modeled in homage to the Straw Hat's first pirate ship, the Going Merry. It's considered by the crew to be a reincarnation of the original Going Merry.

Channel 3 - Shark Submerge

Channel 3 is the docking station of the Shark Submerge. It is a shark shaped mini sub that allows the crew to make deep sea exploration, but it's diving ability is limited.

Channel 4 - (open)

There is currently nothing docked for the Channel 4 section. It is currently being used as an isolated  mini swimming pool.
General Information Edit
Thing Name Thousand Sunny
Japanese Name: サウザンドサニー号
Romaji Name: Sauzando Sanī-gō
1st manga book: One Piece #45
1st anime episode: One Piece #319
1st anime movie: One Piece: Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura
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