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Those Who Hunt Elves is an anime series in the Those Who Hunt Elves franchise
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Elf-Stripping Madness?? Reviewed by SEXYTRON on Jan. 17, 2010. SEXYTRON has written 11 reviews. His/her last review was for Hell Girl. 26 out of 28 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.

First off, I will give this show credit for decent English voice acting. It actually isn't bad. 
Basically this show is about a group of 3 people (Junpei, Ritsuko, and Airi) who get summoned to some kind of alternate world from Japan by accident. Celcia, the sorceress who summoned them, attempts a spell to send them home. During the spellcasting, Celcia messes up and spell fragments are scattered all over the land. For some reason, the spell fragments are all placed on the bodies of female elves - meaning the trio has to go around the alternate world stripping elves of their clothing to see if they have spell fragments on them. Yes, I'm serious. 
I guess part of my problem is that being 24 years old now, anime jokes I used to laugh at (at 14) seem really, really lame now. There are very few series that (IMHO) are genuinely funny when they try to be. But in fairness, some jokes have been way, way overused in anime in general - and Those Who Hunt Elves is laden with them. For example: 
    - Females finding themselves accidentally naked and freaking out about it  
   - Powerful sorceress being trapped in the body of a small cute stuffed animal 
   - Cute girls who are obsessed with heavy artillery 
   - The guy who likes a girl and is habitually put off to the side, then overreacts to it 
   - The female who is always bothered by a guy picking on her, so she gets the stress marks and yells a lot 
   - The manipulative woman everyone practically worships when she speaks  
   - Repititious one-liners ("This is why I hate fantasy stories!")
Okay, I will say that there were a few chuckle-worthy moments - like when

the trio saves a group of mermaids who are trapped on floating ruins, only to see them remove their tails like clothing afterwards revealing legs.
This show kept me entertained enough while I was folding laundry. I probably wouldn't waste my time watching it more than once, though. It is empty entertainment - certainly no Fullmetal Alchemist, Princess Tutu, or Elfen Lied.
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