Those Who Dream Far

Those Who Dream Far is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 06/15/2013

Hibito has returned from the Moon and must begin a 45-day physical rehabilitation program. Meanwhile, Mutta is worried about Amanti's warning. Also Sharon returns to America to attend a conference discussing plans to build a telescope on the Moon.

Those Who Dream Far

Damien, Linda and Hibito rest
Damien, Linda and Hibito rest

It has been 20 years since Hibito and Mutta made the promise to become astronauts and go to space. And now Hibito has returned from the Moon. Hibito gives Mutta a moon rock as a souvenir. After a few more short greetings, Hibito, Linda and Damien are hoisted off for medical checkups. Once in the ambulance, the astronauts lie down on beds, exhausted from just standing up. As the doctors explain, this is normal since on Earth even your clothes weight 8 times as much than on the Moon. In fact Damien couldn't hug his own son who greeted him because he might have suffered a serious injury! So for the next 45 days, the 3 of them must undergo physical rehabilitation. Sleep, run tests and exercise will keep them busy. Hibito falls asleep and has a dream of Sharon. Sharon told him that "you have the strength to lead your brother." And if Hibito ever stops, Mutta will be right there giving him a push. This is the beautiful relationship that they share as brothers.

Mutta worried about Amanti's warning
Mutta worried about Amanti's warning

Meanwhile, the ASCANs are running around the track with Jennifer blowing a whistle at them to keep up the pace. Amanti's premonition grows stronger and she resolves to tell Mutta something later. Hibito is able to return home where Mutta and his parents are staying. Mother Nanba says she'll cook some udon. Amanti told Mutta after the running that she saw Mutta looking very sad. Amanti explains that Mutta won't be hurt directly, but someone very close to him will get a serious illness. Amanti is sure that it won't be Hibito though, so this leaves Mutta wonder who exactly will get sick who is close to him.

As astronomers we can see farthest
As astronomers we can see farthest

Sharon has recently flown into American to attend the Goddard Space Flight Center conference on the lunar observatory. She says she is excited to go to Houston afterward. At the conference Sharon suggests plans for the lunar observatory and the specifics of the telescope. Sharon's suggestion is not to transport a huge telescope to the moon, but to build it there, with materials brought from Earth and moondust on the Moon. The project will primarily use robots, but will also require some astronauts, so they will have to negotiate with NASA for astronauts to work on this. All without exceeding their budget of course. Sharon asks her fellow astronomers for their support with this project. As astronomers they cannot go into space, but they can see the farthest into space.

In order to become an astronaut, one of the requirements is being licensed to pilot a T-38 jet. So the ASCANs are at the Ellington Airport attending lectures and learning everything there is to know about flying a T-38. Mutta remembers when Hibito flew overhead in a T-38 and broke the sound barrier. Mutta is excited, but also a bit overwhelmed and tired by all the new information. Unfortunately it doesn't help that Mutta also didn't get any sleep last night, since he was thinking about Amanti's warning.

Serika thanks Mutta and carefully hands back his phone
Serika thanks Mutta and carefully hands back his phone

Mutta gets a call from Sharon, they start chatting and Serika tries eavesdropping since she is a huge fan of Sharon's. Mutta notices and puts her on the phone. As they start chatting, Mutta realizes that it might be Sharon who gets ill. For whatever reason, Sharon accidentally drops her phone, giving Mutta a little scare. Sharon confirms that she will be coming to Houston in 2 days. After they hang up, Sharon comments how she keeps dropping things these days.

Points of Interest

  • Damien's son is named Alan.
  • In some sense you could say that Sharon "dropped the mic" near the end of the conference.
  • Sharon proposes that they can build a telescope on the Moon as big as the radio telescope at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.
  • Sharon plays piano, and taught Hibito how to play guitar and Mutta how to play trumpet.
  • See if you can spot all the times that hands or hand gestures are emphasized in this episode, both visually and in the dialogue. For example, waving, holding, supporting, hand wringing etc.

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