Those Who Are Alive

Those Who Are Alive is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 08/13/2011
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The fight against the Kingdom of Edolas rages on. Lucy and co. battle the Royal Army, Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel are giving their all to defeat King Faust and his ultimate weapon, the Droma Anim, and Erza faces Knightwalker in a final ground-breaking showdown. Meanwhile, the members of Edolas Fairy deliberate whose side they should choose.

Plot Summary

Gray protects Happy and Charle
Gray protects Happy and Charle

Lucy, Gray, Coco, Charlie and Happy lay fallen on the ground when they are suddenly attacked by the Royal Army. Despite Coco's protest from engaging in a fight, the soldiers suddenly begin to shoot Charle and Happy, explaining that they have already turned all of the Exceeds into lacrima with the exception of these two. Enraged that they would do anything to satisfy their need for magical power, Gray starts to attack them with his ice magic exclaiming that he won't let his friends get hurt.

Meanwhile at Edolas Fairy Tail, Lucy Ashley tries to convince her guild to help save the Exceeds. She explains that based on the information that Edolas Gajeel had provided, the Kingdom is trying to take over Edolas by sacrificing everyone including them, hence they must do something to stop it. However, some of the members express their hesitance with Natsu Dragion questioning whether they can truly win against the Royal Army and their immense magical power and Edo-Mirajane adding that the Royal Army has many powerful foes to boot. With Gray Surge also doubting their chances of victory, Lucy Ashley begins to ponder what their next move should be.

Scarlet blocks Knightwalker's attack with her feet
Scarlet blocks Knightwalker's attack with her feet

In the ruins of Extalia, Erza Scarlet does battle with her counterpart, sending a powerful attack, in her Heaven's Wheel armor, only to be countered by Knightwalker's gravity core. After several blasts of fire and ice moves from Knightwalker's Blue Crimson, Scarlet requips into her Morning Star Armor and uses Photon Slicer to fire an energy blast back at her. However, Knightwalker easily slices through her magic attack using Runesave and pushes her back with Silfarion. Trying to use this chance to finish her, she charges at Scarlet head on but is shocked upon seeing the mage using her swords with her feet to defend herself.

Back at the Edolas Fairy Tail guild, Edo-Droy proposes they enter the battle once both parties, the Kingdom and the Exceeds, tire themselves out but Juvia counters with her idea whereby they ally with the Kingdom. That way, she explains, it would become indebted to them and recognize them as a legit guild. But Lucy Ashley rejects both proposals, saying that the Kingdom isn't weak with Lisanna adding that they might treat them even worse. In addition, when the Exceeds are wiped out, the Kingdom will just pick another target and suppress anyone that opposes it, hence they have no time to fight with the Exceeds.

Natsu is not giving up
Natsu is not giving up

Elsewhere, Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel continue to fight the Drom Anim with Natsu condemning Faust's selfish ambitions of garnering all the magical power for himself. Faust merely justifies his actions, saying that the reason this weapon is forbidden is because it drains all the magical power of their world, thus it can only be used in situations to save the world. Wendy and Gajeel reject his motive in using the Droma Anim to "save the world" and instead state that he's using it to satisfy his greed for more magical power. Natsu stands up and proclaims that for all things living, he will defeat him.

At the guild, everyone, including Edo-Alzack and Natsu Dragion voice their opinions against fighting the Kingdom, with Lucy Ashley countering that they'll be the Kingdom's next target. However, Edo-Mirajane and Edo-Levy state that the Kingdom is fearsome and they only have enough magic to transfer one more time, hence if they jump in, they won't be able to pull out. Meanwhile, Lucy and the others start to fight back against the Royal Army, with Lucy summoning Loke and Coco fighting them head on with her strong kicks. As the soldiers fire at them, Charle blocks an attack aimed for Happy. With the help of Loke, he takes Charle to safety. Gray then notices more Legions, raising the concern that more soldiers have arrived for reinforcements. Back at Fairy Tail, before everyone makes their decision Edo-Lucy decides to tell them that their counterparts are currently fighting against the Kingdom and putting their lives on the line. With the situation looking grim, Lucy charges at the soldiers refusing to give up while Edo-Lucy is encouraging her guildmates to step up and fight because they are Fairy Tail wizards.


Despite their efforts, Lucy and the others become outnumbered by the soldiers and fall defeated. But before getting killed, a tree begins to grow from the ground with its branches constricting the Legions, revealing itself to be the Edolas Fairy Tail. As its members charge, Edo-Lucy helps her counterpart get up while the two Grays criticize each others lack of/excessive clothing. Droy and Jet show off their moves (which is similar to their counterparts) and Bisca and Alzack attack with their "power of love". Happy looks on, smiling and relieved to see that their feelings are changing the world with Charle adding that no matter where they are, their guild is always noisy.

Scarlet wears her strongest armor
Scarlet wears her strongest armor

Back to the remnants of Extalia, Scarlet and Knightwalker continue their intense battle to the point of causing a large explosion. After witnessing their equal combat skills, Knightwalker decides to unleash the ultimate form of her Ten Commandments, the Holy Lance Ravelt while Scarlet requips into her strongest armor, the Armadura Fairy Armor. As they charge towards each other with their most powerful attacks, the impact of their magic nearly causes the entire island to crumble, leaving but a small chunk of land that begins to fall. With no magic power left, the two Erza's engage in a hand-to-hand combat. The screen then jumps to Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy giving it their all to defeat the Droma Anim and Edolas Fairy Tail trying their best to aid their counterparts in their battle against the Royal Army.

As the two Erza's pummel each other relentlessly, Knightwalker says she refuses to lose for the sake of eternal magic. Scarlet asks how many sacrifices they made for this "eternal magic" through stealing, hating and destroying others to which Knightwalker answers that that's what humans do. However, Scarlet disagrees and tells her that people are meant to love each other more and asks if she can hear the agony her world is screaming. Knightwalker replies that she can hear them more than her which is why she is fighting for magic. Without magic, she says, the world is plunging towards its death, hence they need it to survive. But Scarlet states that they are alive right now even without magic. She continues saying that she knows that she's the evil that's inside her so she's certain that she holds a heart that can love others. As the island falls near the ground, she asks Knightwalker to listen to the voices of the living prompting her counterpart to shed tears at her words. Upon crashing landing, the two Erza's lay on the ground with no strength left with Knightwalker admitting defeat. Scarlet, however says there is no winning or losing since they're both Erza.

Mystogan and Pantherlily inside the Anima Chamber
Mystogan and Pantherlily inside the Anima Chamber

Elsewhere, Mystogan and Pantherlily enter a chamber within the palace where Animas are created, prompting the latter to ask why they're here. Mystogan tells him that he wants to rid the world of war and strife where people can be more open to each other so he's decided to reverse the Anima and rid the world of all its magic power.

Points Of Interest

  • Lucy Ashley hates playboys (i.e. Loke)
  • The battle between Scarlet and Knightwalker is a draw
  • Gray meets his counterpart
  • Edolas Fairy Tail join the fight against the Kingdom
  • Scarlet reveals two new armors: The Morning Star Armor and The Aramadura Fairy Armor

Manga & Anime Differences

  • The episode covers chapter 192 and 193.
  • The scenes where the members of Edolas Fairy Tail strategize never occurred in the manga
  • The design of the Anima Chamber was altered in the anime
  • The fight scenes with Edo-Mirajane and Edo-Wendy taking Charle to safety did not occur in the manga

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiro Mashima Original Concept The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Masashi Sogo Series Composition
Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Fumihiko Shimo Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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