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By swinging his hammer in a circle, Thor can open up portals that allow him to traverse space and time, shown as how he travels from Earth to Asgard and vice versa, from Journey Into Mystery #103.

Thor's hammer transcends both space and time, from Thor #393.

Here, he sends the Masters of Evil through a space warp in Avengers #7.

Thor can also transport large objects. Here, he teleports an entire nuclear power plant away and its foundations to a dead world in Thor #393.

Thor can appear in the universe or entire dimensions WITHIN MOMENTS, from Fantastic Four #339.

and Thor #166.

Mjolnir's teleportive range is also virtually limitless. Here, he transports the possessed Warriors Three from the edge of the universe back to Asgard in Thor #185.

And if that's a little vague, the narration here specifically tells us Thor teleports millions of light years away, from Fantastic Four #338.

Mjolnir can also teleport between dimensions. Here, Thor sends innocent bystanders to Limbo to fight Durok the Demolisher alone in Thor #192.

While traveling at "a speed that is far greater than light," mjolnir creates a infinity vortex that teleports Kang the Conquerer and his time machine to a location outside time, from Thor #140.

Mjolnir could also transport several people to several different locations simultaneously, from Avengers #70.

Here he travels to Dormammu's Dark Dimension in Thor Annual #9.

Here, Mjolnir opens up a portal to the Negative Zone in Avengers #309.

Thor teleports the Destroyer Armor light years away(after Thor nearly gets killed by it), from Thor vol. 2 #2.

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All he needs is a coca-cola dispenser in that thing and he's all set.

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Mjolnir has always been able to absorb energy. Here, it draws power from Zarrko's machines in Journey Into Mystery #110

Mjolnir absorbs all sorts of energy, even radiation. Here, it also redirects radiation back at Kang in Avengers #8

Mjolnir absorbs Heimdall's cosmic flames in Journey Into Mystery #110

Mjolnir's even draws in and absorbs the Silver Surfer's attacks in Silver Surfer #4

Hyperion's heat vision is no problem for Mjolnir, from Avengers #70

Neither is Pluto's magical flame. Notice also that Thor doesn't have to hold onto Mjolnir for it to absorb energy. Here he throws it at the flame spear as it's flying and it absorbs it entirely, from Thor #223

Naturally, it can absorb electricity, from Thor #328

It's absorbed Blastaar's blasts in Avengers #310

The scope of Mjolnir's energy absorbing abilities are nearly unparalleled. Here, it absorbs the galaxy-destroying power of a Null Bomb in Thor #407

In a recap of the original fight against Kang, it's clarified that that any energy absorbed can be reamplified tenfold back at its source, from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #4


Mjolnir also posseses an uncanny tracking ability. Here, he tracks Asgardians by their electron's discharge in Journey Into Mystery #108

Here, he uses it to track the mystic Norn Stones in Loki's possession in Journey Into Mystery #117

Its tracking abilities aren't limited to tracking people or objects of Asgardian nature. Here, he tracks Him, who had kidnapped and teleported away with Sif in Thor #165

Anything that Mjolnir's been bathed in, it can also track. Here, it tracks cobalt energy back to its source in Thor #268

And really, Mjolnir doesn't need to be bathed in energies. In this case, Mjolnir detects lingering energies from Wizard's teleportation straight into Loki's lair, from West Coast Avengers #55

But Mjolnir's also been shown to track down things it hasn't had any contact with. Ages ago Odin cast his eye into a well for knowledge. Thor commands Mjolnir to track it and it just does in Thor #292

The range of its tracking abilities is also virtually limitless. Here, Mjolnir tracks the villain Demonstaff to the void between the alternate planes of reality in Thor Corps #4

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Yes Thor truly is a beast. My favorite character.

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@jeanroygrant said:

Yes Thor truly is a beast.

Indeed. And only classic thor is a beast.

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@jeanroygrant said:

Yes Thor truly is a beast.

Indeed. And only classic thor is a beast.

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@leofull said:

@jeanroygrant said:

Yes Thor truly is a beast.

Indeed. And only classic thor is a beast.

So is Current Thor

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@jeanroygrant said:

So is Current Thor

No, Current Thor is nothing compared to Classic Thor.

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Mjolnir uses a storm to destroy a machine that is destroying an entire alien planet in Thor Annual #22.

Creating cosmic storms in space, from Thor #261.

His lightning harms this against Atum, who exists in another plane of existence, from Thor Annual #14.

Summoning a storm in Asgard and that was felt as far away as Earth to catastrophic effects whereby skyscrapers were toppled and mountain peaks destroyed (afterwards Odin undoes all the damage), from Thor #188.




Can level mountains and bust planetoids, from Thor #400.

Shattering Kang's force fields(which have tanked nukes), from Avengers #8.

Shattering Onslaught's armor(a being at least Celestial level in power), from Uncanny X-Men #336. Keep in mind Hulk has only cracked it.

Causing Galactus pain, Thor #161.

Knocking out a weakened Galactus, from Fantastic Four #242.

Shattering Secondary Adamantium, from Avengers vol. 3 #22.

Denting Primary Adamantium, from Avengers #66.


A single lightning blast shatters an Ultron made of Secondary Adamantium in Avengers vol. 3 #21.

Using an Anti-Force to knock out aThanosi in Thor vol. 2 #22.

Amplifying energy a hundred-fold against a Thanosi, from Thor vol. 2 #22.

Here is an expanded teleportation feat. Mjolnir travels ftl, creates an infinity vortex, and banishes Kang to a location outside time, from Thor #140.

Transporting Surtur and Yimir to the death dimension, from Thor #425.


Thor vs Doom(bot), from Thor #604.

Thor vs Dr. Doom (w/ Destroyer Armor), from Thor #605-06.

Odinforce Thor vs the Destroyer, from Thor vol. 3 #5.

Odinforce Thor vs Ironman, from Thor vol. 3 #3.

Odinforce Thor vs Bor, from Thor #600.

Mjolnir repaired, from Thor #601.


Mjolnir is split in half by the Destroyer Armor's beam of total disintegration, from Journey Into Mystery #119.

Molecule Man dispels the atomic bonds between the hammer's molecules, vaporizing Mjolnir, in Avengers #215.

Mjolnir being destroyed from channeling a godblast that pierced Exitar the Celestial's dome in Thor #389.

Dark god Perrikus slices Mjolnir in half with a magical scythe, in Thor vol. 2 #11.

Mjolnir is shattered when it collides with the uru weapons of Loki's Storm Giant followers, resulting in an atomic-scale explosion, in Thor vol. 2 #80.

Mjolnir is destroyed when it strikes and kills Thor's grandfather, Bor, from Thor #600.

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