This Ol' Gal's the Leader of the Amazon Tribe!

This Ol' Gal's the Leader of the Amazon Tribe! is an anime episode of Ranma ½ that was released on

The episode begins with an old lady dropping from an airplane into a construction site. She asks them if they see her son-in-law and hops away with her stick.

Meanwhile, Ranma is trapped by Ryoga, who accuses him of kissing Akane, although Ranma doesn't remember what he did when he is acting as a cat. As Ryoga is charging at him, he fell into a pail and Ranma walks away. He gets ambushed by Kuno, also accusing him of kissing Akane. Ranma tries to run, but is stopped when Ryoga, as P-chan, attacks him in the face, giving Kuno a chance to strike him.

Then, it cuts with Akane destroying blocks in her dojo. Meanwhile, Ranma is shown walking in a stick at the night after the beating. He wonders if he really did kiss Akane.

By the time he gets home, Ranma takes a bath and sees the same pink cat from the previous episode. He is frightened by it and as it goes to the hot tub, it is revealed to be Shampoo. She starts kissing him as Akane saw the entire thing.

Ranma tries to tell Akane what happened in the next morning, but is turned into a girl and Akane kicks him to the roof where he saw an old lady, who is calling him her son-in-law.

Just then, Shampoo arrives to the Tendo residence. She took Ranma to the bathroom where she turns into a cat, getting him scared of her. It is revealed in a flashback that Shampoo undergoes some kind of training after failing to kill Ranma. She and her great-great grandmother, Cologne, train in Jusenkyo. Cologne has manages to knock Shampoo into the Spring of Drowned Cat, explaining of how Shampoo is the pink cat. She blames Ranma for this as he tells her that it's not his fault.

Ranma gets into a fight with Cologne and he gets splashed to a river. After turning back to normal, he continues to chase Cologne into the streets. Upon getting there, she clones herself and proceeds to beat Ranma until he manages to use a fried chicken to disable her duplication. She runs away, throwing the bone to Ranma.

In the afternoon, Ranma sees Cologne as she pokes him with her stick.

Later that night, Ranma complains about the water being hot. When Kasumi touches it, it happens to be normal. Cologne comes to the window for the explanations. It is revealed that when she poked Ranma with her stick, she has infected him with a condition called, Full Cat Body Tongue. It is when every time Ranma touches hot water, it would be boiling for him as a cat's tongue. Ranma realizes that with this condition, he cannot turn back into a boy. Cologne tells him that the only way for him to return to normal is marry Shampoo. Ranma tries to tackle her, but she dodges.

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