This is My Way of Life

This is My Way of Life is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 07/03/2011

Plot Summary

Ohana and the rest of her class at Kourin High School take a trip to the beach. Minko is too shy to put on her swimsuit and go swimming. Ohana and Yuina, after teasing her a little, quickly take off Minko’s tracksuit and throw her into the water. It seems that Minko is still extremely popular with the guys.

Their next destination is a hot spring inn, the Fukuyo. When Ohana is on the bus sitting next to Minko, Ohana writes down things she still needs to learn for being a waitress. Ohana is very excited to experience another inn as a customer. The Fukuyo Inn is much larger than the Kissuiso. When they walk to their rooms, Ohana, Minko and Yuina witness a male staff of the inn yelling at a waitress for having her nails painted. The young man happens to be Yuina’s fiancé and head clerk, named Yosuke. At the Inn’s beach, Minko and Ohana take some time to sit under an umbrella and talk about Yuina. Ohana is somewhat jealous of Yuina's popularity and body. Minko is approached by a guy, who tries asking her out. Minko says no, calls him a balut and runs away. Other girls get a kick out of watching this unfold.

Ohana, now alone, reflects on how everyone seems to be enjoying their youth. She starts thinking of Ko-chan. Later when Ohana is talking with Yuina is amazed at how lightly Yuina is reacting to being asked out by another guy, especially since she has a fiancé. Yuina replies by saying having a fiancé has nothing to do with it, and being told that they are liked feels good anyways. Ohana doesn’t really understand.

Ohana runs into Nako while eating dinner. Ohana, Nako and Minko comment on how many people there are in the one room eating dinner, and how the Kissuiso would never be able to set up anything like this. Ohana, about to praise the four waitresses, quickly holds her praise when she sees two of the girls answer their cell-phone while being given orders by Yosuke. Ohana and Nako, on the way to their room see customer’s slippers in disarray, they take it upon themselves to arrange them neatly. Yuina seems impressed, but doesn’t comment. Yuina asks Ohana what she means by “fest it up”. Ohana explains it is like working toward some goal. On the way to the bath, they run into Yosuke again ordering a waitress to hurry up. Yosuke sees them and tells them to get going, but softens up immediately when he sees Yuina. It turns out that the waitresses are only part time.

Later Ohana sees Yuina and Yosuke talking together, reminiscing about their childhood together. Yosuke says again that he still has a lot to learn as head clerk. Yuina then avoids the question as to whether she would want to work with Yosuke after she graduates. That night as Yosuke is working on his laptop, he is approached by one of the waitresses, saying she wants to talk to him. Yosuke quickly tells her that until she finishes the cleaning he cannot talk to her.

On their way to breakfast, Ohana, Minko, Nako and Yuina see the part time waitresses quitting. The waitresses complain that Yosuke made them do all the work while he spent time with his girlfriend. Yuina then chimes in and agrees. She says you can’t make someone “fest up” something that they do not want to do. She then says to Yosuke that running an inn is not on her list of things she wants to do. Both Ohana and Yosuke are surprised and taken aback by what Yuina says.

Characters & Voice Actors

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