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Ai is a young Lost Precious thief with werewolf-like abilities.

Ai Kisugi

Ai is the youngest of the Kisugi sisters. While not as skilled as her sisters, Ai has none-the-less mastered a number of skills and is regularly the one who operates the get-away vehicles for the heists

Aimi Komori

A shy, sweet, and innocent girl who was given the magic eye shadow which gave her the ability to transform into the mysterious thief Shadow Lady.


A young frog thief residing in Dog City. He is coerced into his criminal life by Tookit, and is partnered with Jenyo and Gusto.


A Predacon who took part in Megatron's efforts to steal the Golden Disc. He was killed by his partner Scorponok who detonated the bomb Backslash was planting.


A member of the Predacons who aided Megatron in stealing the Golden Disc. He was killed by Terrorsaur who shot him in the back, likely due to Buzzbomb's loyalties being to Cryotek not Megatron.

Caine Flaccano

A former henchman of Gasback. He betrayed Gasback stealing the loot and leaving Gasback to be captured.


Clara is the true identity of the famous thief, Psiren, who uses her alchemy to commit crime. Her infamy has brought prosperity to the slowly dying town of Aquroya.


Crazybolt holds a spot on Cybertron's 10 most wanted list, this Predacon is not that interested in the war between Maximal and Predacon, but his skills as a thief have put him in high regards to Magmatron, and made him a high ranking Predacon.

Daisuke Jigen

Lupin's marksman.


De-Mo is Shadow Ladys partner. He was the one that gave her the magic eye shadow.



A woman of very few words, she uses her mechanical puppets to attack her enemies.


Evermary is an elder who likes apples and was Gale Glory's adoptive guardian.


Freyr is the brother of the Norse goddess Freyja. He is a talented gadgeteer and thief sent to Earth to kill Loki.

Fujiko Mine

Fujiko Mine is the ever sly and sultry femme fatale to the master thief Lupin III. She's the one woman in the world who has the ability and the body to make a fool out of him.


Gareki is a pick pocket in the Karneval series.


An infamous robber with a $300,000,000 bounty on his head.

Goemon Ishikawa XIII

The 13th descendant of the legendary folk hero, Ishikawa Goemon.

Gold Digger

A beautiful woman, who pretends to be Professor Kabuto's assistant and steals his "Instant Space Removal Machine" ("ISRM"). With this device she is able to transport herself into bank safes so she can steal all the gold she wants.


A young Opossum thief residing in Dog City. He is coerced into his criminal life by Tookit, and is partnered with Jenyo and Albo.

Hazuki Kakio

A PE teacher, who is also a servant for Mouse and helps hin on his heists.

Hikaru Agata

A teenager who works at a convenience store who sold Metabee to Ikki. He is also the mysterious thief Phantom Renegade and Space Medafighter X.


He is a main character in the Phantom Thief! Pokémon 7 manga.

Hisahide Matsunaga

This incarnation of Hisahide Matsunaga appears in the Sengoku Collection anime series as a con artist.

Hitomi Kisugi

Second daughter of Michael Heinz, who performs the Heists more than her sisters. Hitomi is an accomplished athlete skilled in gymnastics and well versed in a number of disciplines and skills ranging from horseback riding to safe cracking.

Isaac Dian

A thief with a love for disguises and comic relief along with Miria. He boards the Flying Pussyfoot with Miria to escape with the cash from their latest caper.


A young Squirrel thief residing in Dog City. She is coerced into her criminal life by Tookit, and is partnered with Albo and Gusto.

Kabuto Kirisaki

A character from Psyren who used to be a coward only good at running away and tricking people, now he has developed powers that allow him to see danger and throw it back at his opponents which he uses to protect his friends.

Kaitou Kid

A famous thief that has never been arrested. Only Conan has been able to foil his robberies.

Kanae Yata

The main protagonist of the manga Ziggurat. Kanae Yata is known as the Phantom Thief "Trinity" who steals archaeological treasures known as O-Parts.


Laylah is a character in the Magi franchise.

Lupin III

The world's greatest phantom thief. Lupin the 3rd is the eponymous protagonist of one of Japan's oldest adult-oriented (seinen) manga/anime series. Said to be the grandson of Arsène Lupin from the novels of Maurice Leblanc, he lives up to his name by being a world-renowned gentleman thief.

Mei Momozono

The first servant under Mouse, she helps him on his heists.

Meimi Haneoka

Meimi Haneoka is the main character of Saint Tail. She seems like an ordinary girl, but she is secretly Saint Tail, a mysterious girl thief, who helps people. Her classmate, Asuka Jr., is trying to capture her.

Mildred Arbogast

A thief who joins Victorique and Kujo on their journey to Seyrun.

Miria Harvent

Partner in crime with Issac and another source of comic relief. Miria boards the train with him to escape with the cash from their latest heist.

Misa Hatori

Canon Hatoris mother who is known as the Phantom Thief Lady Panther.

Nana Asahina

A Tabloid Photographer who was turned into the Youma Oniwabandana by Kunzite.

Nastassja Nijinsky

A thief with her partner Erola seek a sacred sword that would lead them to a multi-billion yen treasure.


A raider from Dragon Ball who is partners with Terror.


Raoul was a car thief who stole the Autobot named Tracks. Raoul later reformed his criminal ways


A bandit with many weapons in her arsenal, but typically uses a mace.

Rouge the Bat

Rouge the Bat is a character in the Sonic X anime series. She is a determined treasure hunter and sometimes government agent who plans to make the worlds gems/treasures hers.

Rui Kisugi

Rui is the eldest of the Kisugi sisters and the leader of the Cat's Eye team.


Seita is a former pickpocket thief who steals money to meet Hinowa, the woman he thinks is his biological mother.


The rival of Gold who appears in the Gold and Silver chapter of Pokemon Adventures. He is first seen stealing a Totodile from Professor Elm's lab in his goal to take down the Masked Man and Team Rocket. It is revealed that Silver is the son of Giovanni.

Sorata Muon

The Master thief known as Mouse.


A small furry creature that always plays jokes on the family in the house, where he sometimes lives. He likes pinching things, is proud of his reputation as a crook, but always gets found out. He is simple and only thinks of himself.

Takashi Nasujima

Takashi Nasujima is a lecherous teacher at Raira Academy who has had several incidents with female students.

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