They Were Eleven

They Were Eleven is an anime movie
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An interplanetary group of 10 military academy cadets set out on their end-of-course test. They have to take an elderly spaceship out into space and survive 53 days without outside help. Any one of them can give up, but if so, they all fail. Then they find there are 11 people on board. One of them is an imposter, and they can't contact the academy to find out who it is or whether it's all part of the test. A series of incidents and accidents, trivial at first, grow increasingly threatening, and their personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as the social and political agendas of their different races, have a wider impact than on the outcome of this test alone. The anime version of Moto Hagio's suspenseful 1975 manga is delicate but powerful, a miniature gem.

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Satoshi Dezaki Director
Tsuneo Tominaga Director
Moto Hagio Original Concept A pioneering mangaka who is considered the "founding mother" of modern shoujo manga.
Akio Sugino Character Artist/Designer
Keizo Shimizu Character Artist/Designer Animation director
Katsumi Koide Writer
Toshiaki Imaizumi Writer
Ryutaro Nakamura Storyboard An animator and director, best known for directing Serial Experiments Lain, Kino's Journey and Ghost Hound.
Hirohiko Fukuda Music
Mitsuko Kase Storyboard

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General Information Edit
Name: They Were Eleven
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1986
Name: 11人いる!
Romaji: Juichi-nin Iru
Release Date: Nov. 1, 1986
Rating: None
Runtime: 91 (mins)
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