These foolish things

These foolish things is an anime episode of Kids on the Slope that was released on 05/31/2012

These foolish things

Sentaro and Kaoru are still popular with the ladies after their performance at the Festival. Ritsuko begins to wonder whether she actually likes Kaoru. Yurika is still in love with Jun despite his recent breakdown. For better or worse Yurika wants to change for Jun and help him. Sentaro finds out a few things about himself, and Kaoru still under the impression that Ritsuko has feelings for Sentaro, tries to convince himself that everything is happening for the best.

Plot Summary

After their exceptional performance, Sentaro and Kaoru become the center of much girl's attention at school not unlike the Beatles (see Note 1). Now that the Festival activities are over and Sentaro and Kaoru have made up, they decide to go to the Mukae Records Store together for the first time in a while.

Tokie asks Ritsuko about Kaoru
Tokie asks Ritsuko about Kaoru

Brother Jun is no longer staying there. Mr. Mukae tells them what happened. Jun initially went against his parent's wishes by deciding to go to college in Tokyo. Then Jun got involved in student activism and eventually dropped out of school. When Jun went home, his father disowned him. Mr. Mukae ran into him at a bar, and let Jun stay in the shop's basement until recently Jun found a place to rent for cheap. Yurika runs into Jun as he is entering his apartment. Jun ignores her. Yurika wonders what made Jun change so much, and remembers that romantic winter night when Jun kissed her (see Note 2). Yurika seems mad at Jun but cannot help going inside his place for a little while. At school, Tokie (Ritsuko's friend) asks Ritsuko to give a present to Kaoru. Ritsuko begins to wonder whether she actually has feelings for Kaoru or not. Tokie also gives her the idea of knitting a sweater for Kaoru.

Jun tries to scare Yurika
Jun tries to scare Yurika

Back at Jun's palce, Yurika asks Jun why he kissed her. Jun says he was feeling kind of mischievous. Then Jun pins her to the floor and says this is the kind of guy he is. Yurika sees through Jun's act saying, "'If I act like like this, she'll run away,' is what you're thinking...I'm not afraid of you." Jun gets off her, and tells her he is not the same person and she should not come back to him every again. Yurika wanting to stay strong, says that she will change too. She cuts her hair short to symbolize her willingness to get rid of Jun's "young lady" impression of her (see Note 3). Jun asks pleadingly that Yurika not throw away something precious for his sake.

Jun was involved in protests
Jun was involved in protests

Jun has a flashback in which we learn about his relationship with another college student named Arita, who played the saxophone. Arita was inspired by Jun to get more involved in student activism. As Arita gets more involved with protests and other activities, Arita is eventually caught by the police, and his hands and finger bones were fractured during one of the protests. This makes it so that Arita can no longer play the saxophone. After that Jun stopped being involved in student activism. After explaining all this to Yurika, Jun repeats that he does not want anyone to get hurt because of him. Despite this, Yurika can tell that Jun is the one who is hurt, and she wants to support him. Jun accepts, saying she is a pushy woman.

Sentaro and Jun
Sentaro and Jun

Sentaro sees Yurika at school and hears rumors that Yurika has changed, and has been causing trouble for teachers lately. Sentaro decides to see Brother Jun after school. When Sentaro arrives, he sees that Yurika is there, and runs away. Sentaro walks home upset and crying. Sentaro says that he should have known from the start that Yurika was out of his reach.

Kaoru says bye
Kaoru says bye

Kaoru comes by the Mukae shop, Ritsuko is watching over the shop. Kaoru sees that she is knitting something. Kaoru goes to the basement to play music with Sentaro, and can tell something is clearly wrong by Sentaro's playing. Sentaro tells him that he saw Jun and Yurika together. Kaoru gets up to leave, but tells Sentaro that he still has it good because Sentaro still has someone who cares about him (referring to Ritsuko). Kaoru as he leaves, makes a joke to Ritsuko about her knitting. Thinking that Ritsuko is knitting the sweater for Sentaro, Kaoru says, "He'll like it." Ritsuko is embarassed, but can't say anything to Kaoru as he leaves. As he runs home Kaoru says to himself that this is for the best. Yurika's parents are not impressed with Yurika's new attitude and forbid her to see Jun. Yurika's father intends to find someone suitable for her. After going to church the next day with Ritsuko and the kids, Sentaro finally realizes that it is Ritsuko who cares about him.


1. The Beatles were an extremely popular rock band in the 1960s. Their fans (especially female fans) were so excited about them that the term "Beatlemania," was used to describe the fan frenzy that surrounded the group at events and concerts.

2. This is implied to have happened during episode 5 when Sentaro and Kaoru go to Tokyo to see Kaoru's mother, and are unable to find Junichi at his place.

3. Jun often refers to Yurika as "ojousama," which is an honorific which is used to refer politely to young ladies or someone's daughter. It is roughly equivalent to saying "Miss" in English.

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Shinichiro Watanabe Director Anime director.
Nobuteru Yuki Character Artist/Designer
Yoko Kanno Music Yoko Kanno is a Japanese musical composer for anime and video games.


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