These Feelings Belong To Someone

These Feelings Belong To Someone is an anime episode of Nagi no Asukara that was released on 03/13/2014

Plot Summary

These Feelings Belong To Someone
RomajiKono Kimochi wa Dare no Mono
TranslationThese Feelings Belong To Someone
MangaCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
Opening"ebb and flow"
Ending"Mitsuba no Musubime"
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Title Card

Hikari asks Kaname, Chisaki, Tsumugu, Miuna, and Sayu about Manaka's situation, the inability to love. Kaname notes that Manaka is happy even though she does not know that she had lost the ability. Chisaki admits she is relieved. Sayu yells at Kaname for being selfish and not asking Manaka about her opinions. Moments later, Manaka finds a rock in the sea. She cannot remember what it means. After Hikari explains that when the rock will split up, your wish will come true. Also, her feelings must be true. In the kitchen, Hikari informs Miuna about the red bellied sea slug and that it might help Manaka remember. While Miuna chats with Manaka, Manaka compliments Miuna calling her cute and funny. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Tsumugu asks Chisaki why was she relieved that Manaka cannot love anymore. At Mihama Junior High, Sayu tells Miuna that she ask Kaname out. Manaka bumps into Miuna who starts to get her memories back. Miuna asks Manaka wear pendant.

At the edge of the sea that meets the ice, Hikari finds Tsumugu giving the fish on his arm some sea water. Hikari asks Tsumugu to asks Manaka out since he thinks Manaka loves Tsumugu. Tsumugu tells Hikari that he doesn't love Manaka. When Chisaki sees Hikari attacking Tsumugu from the bus, she runs towards them. While Tsumugu grabs Hikari from behind, he confesses his feelings for Chisaki. Somehow, Chisaki overhears Tsumugu and dives into the sea out of confusion. Tsumugu chases Chisaki and almost drowns. However, Manaka's Ena surrounds Tsumugu and grants him Ena. Hikari is shocked that Tsumugu is able to breathe and talk underwater. Tsumugu swims after Chisaki and to confess his feelings properly.

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