There's No Way My Little Sister's Friend is This XX

There's No Way My Little Sister's Friend is This XX is an anime episode of Oreimo that was released on 10/31/2010

Plot Summary

Worried about why Kirino would be hiding something from her, Ayase begs her to tell her what it is, in the process Kirino pretends not to know Ruri and Saori behind her, so the two of them take their leave. When Kirino won't tell Ayase what she's hiding, Ayase grabs her bag, and finds some adult doujinshi. She tells her they can't be friends any more and leaves. Kirino is seen crying in the shower when she gets home, but continues as if nothing happened the next day. Kyosuke goes to his father, of all people, pretending someone found out about his apparent eroge collection, and asks what he should do. After getting some information from his father about the Otaku report that was on the news, he goes to Ayase to convince her that having the hobbies Kirino has won't make her a bad person. After all else fails, Kyosuke goes all-out for his sister yet again, claiming that her obsessions are because of him and his love for his sister, after which Ayase swears to help and protect Kirino from her evil perverted brother.

Points of Interest

  • Ayase finds out about Kirino's hobbies in this episode.
  • Kyosuke's father decides to help him, despite the fact he strongly disapproves of his apparent hobbies.
  • Kyosuke yet again covers for Kirino, claiming that her obsession is his fault, because he is in love with her.


  • Japanese Name: "Ore no Imōto no Shin'yū ga Konna Batsubatsu na Wake ga Nai" (俺の妹の親友がこんなXXなわけがない)
  • Opening Theme: "Irony" by ClariS
  • Ending Theme: "Orange" (オレンジ Orenji) by Ayana Taketatsu

Characters & Voice Actors

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