There's a Mysterious Ghost in the Abandoned Storehouse

There's a Mysterious Ghost in the Abandoned Storehouse is an anime episode of Gosick that was released on 02/04/2011

Plot Summary

There's a Mysterious Ghost in the Abandoned Storehouse -"Haisōko ni wa Nazo no Yūrei ga Iru" (廃倉庫には謎の幽霊がいる)

All is not what it seems with Avril, as her suspicious behavior drives Kujo and Victorique to investigate the situation, to arrive at a shocking revelation about Avril.

Full Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Destine Histoire" by yoshiki☆lisa

Victorique walks down the stairs and explains that the girl came here to hide the book in the library. When Kujo asks her how they will find the book, Victorique smiles and walks up the stairs while counting. She finds the 13 step to Heaven book after counting 13 steps in a foreign language. Like always, Kujo is amazed that Victorique solve that part fast and comments that she is the gray wolf, magnificent Victorique, and the Golden Fairy of the High Tower. The last word, Golden Fairy of the Tower, is the title of the book. When Victorique reads fast, Kujo gets close to her face and tells to slow down. Frustrated with Kujo, Victorique smacks him with the book.

She tells him that she hates reading together. In the book, a tall tower (in a forest) has a golden fairy living by herself. She knew all the mysteries of this world and would give advice to people. In exchange for the answer, the fairy wants to consume a soul. On a page that reveals the drawing of a golden fairy. According to Kujo, she looks like Victorique. Kujo thinks that Victorique is like the golden fairy of the library. Victorique reveals a letter from Avril's grandfather which was never sent to Avril. Victorique heads upstairs.

Outside, Kujo finds Grevil thinking deeply. As Grevil sighs, he informs him that a phantom thief Kuiaran who has been thought to be dead. His second generation is planning to raid the village. Kujo is surprised at Grevil's seriousness and explains that Grevil is usually much more dramatic with cases like this when he talks to Victorique, and even with Kujo, Grevil is usually more like "Oh! Baby squirrel!" instead of this frustrated silence.

When Kujo sees something and attempts to open the gate, he gets struck from behind. Moments later, he finds himself in a bed. Avril greets him and informs him that she found him near a storehouse. Kujo notices the book is gone. Avril talks about how the academy has a lot of stories of ghosts. Avril states that the golden fairy of the library is more a demon if she takes the soul. When Kujo hears this, he tells her that she talking about Victorique.

Back at the storehouse, Kujo tries to find the book, and his teacher appear. She faints after talking about the mummy. In her hands, she has Kujo's book. When a noise occurs in the storehouse, Kujo and the teacher investigates inside. Kujo hears someone asking for help. They scream. Meanwhile, at the top of the library, Avril searches for Victorique. Avril looks for a paper, but Kujo finds her. Suddenly, the paper is missing, and Avril heads downstairs. Kujo still searches for Victorique. Victorique appears and calls him noisy. After handing her karinto (candy), Kujo tells her about the phantom thief.

Victorique states that Avril could be the second generation Kuiaran. She takes her pipe and reconstructs the clues. Victorique states that Maxim is the First generation Kuiaran since he returns every spring and that he died eight years ago which is the same time the Kuiaran disappears. She explains taht book is one of stolen merchandise that Maxim tries to hide in the tomb. Victorique is sad that she solves the case with lightning speed. When Kujo asks her about the ghost of the storehouse, Victorique tells him to help her.

In the storehouse, Grevil and Kujo find a blonde girl tied up who is the real Avril Bradley. The real Avril Bradley explains that she meet her imposter on a train to Saubure. After telling the imposter about her grandfather's legacy, the imposter ties her up (Avril bites her fingers). Kujo heads out and tells Grevil to take care of Avril. Back at the library, Kujo states that she is a Kuiaran. She asks him where he hid the book and the postcard and Penny Black (a stamp). Kujo asks her if she did something to Victorique. Yet, Kuriaran thinks the golden fairy does not exist, but Kujo tells her that she's wrong.

Suddenly, she chokes Kujo and pushes him down the stairs. Kujo states that Victorique is real and his friend. Victorique appears and drops a stack of books on Kuriaran, yet her reason is that Kujo is her servant. Later, Kujo finds Avril eating a sandwich and his teacher. Avril explains that she see him as a black-haired prince much to Kujo's embarassment. He hands Avril, a postcard. As she reads the postcard, she cries. Avril asks him to be her friend. The teacher elbows him for getting another friend.

Back at the library, Victorique explains that the real Avril hid the book in the library similar to how the imposter hides Avril in a storehouse. Then Victorique states that she will give Kujo, a "bonus." For his bonus, Victorique will explain the meaning behind the "Dark Reaper that comes in the Spring" is related to the first Kuriaran. When he comes every spring, he causes misfortune such as the death of Millie Marl. In another scene, Grevil is staring at a painting.

Kujo is relieved that she really "exists." Kujo asks her why she was not here. Victorique admits she hides inside of a cabinet when someone, she does not know, comes to the library. Kujo asks her why she does not hide when he came here for the first time. As Victorique blushes, Victorique denies her face is red. Kujo thinks the golden fairy wants someone to be with her.

Closing Theme

"Resuscitated Hope" by Lisa Komine

Characters & Voice Actors

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Takashi Tomioka Character Artist/Designer Animation Director (OP/ED)
Mari Okada Series Composition
Hitoshi Nanba Director
Kotaro Nakagawa Music
Hiroko Kazui Storyboard ED


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