Then Devour Me Currageously

Then Devour Me Currageously is an anime episode of Mawaru Penguindrum that was released on 07/22/2011


Ringo plans to make her curry for "Curry Day" for her crush Mr. Tabuki, as her mother is busy at work that same day. Meanwhile, the Takakura siblings are again transported to another dimension, where the penguin hat reiterates her demand that the siblings get the Penguin Drum. The brothers ask the entity to prove she is not Himari, and Himari responds by drinking several bottles of milk in a cow costume. When that doesn't convince them, she takes off the hat and Himari collapses on the floor again until they put it back on her head. 
Later that day, Shouma and Kanba break into Ringo's apartment with their penguins, but are unable to find the Penguin Drum or even a clue of what it might look like. Before they leave, Ringo returns home to make her special homemade curry as the brothers hide behind a couch. 
The brothers then follow her to Tabuki's house, but as Ringo dreams of how her day might go, she discovers that Tabuki already has a girlfriend. Not wanting to give up, she replaces the girl's curry on the stove with her own, then dives out the window with the other curry pot. 
As she walks back home, she spots a cat with a fish in its mouth, seeing it as a metaphor for her recent failure scares it off. Nearby, Himari is walking around with a new hairdo when the cat runs into Penguin #3. The two animals end up fighting over the fish the cat held, and end up tripping Ringo as the curry spills on her face. 
The Takakura siblings later meet back at their home to find that Himari has invited Ringo to their house where she shares her curry with everyone. The brothers try to find out if she knows what the Penguin Drum is. Her only answer is that despite her setback, things are still going just as her destiny foretold.

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Kunihiko Ikuhara Director
Lily Hoshino Original Concept Lily Hoshino is a boys love mangaka who is well-known for her soft, pretty style.
Terumi Nishii Character Artist/Designer Animator.
Takashi Kojima Animator Penguin Animator
Yukari Hashimoto Music Anime Composer


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