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Theft of the Golden Disc is an anime episode of Transformers: Beast Wars that was released on 07/01/2007
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Long overdue Reviewed by EganTheVile1 on April 4, 2011. EganTheVile1 has written 11 reviews. His/her last review was for The girl in the dark. 15 out of 17 users recommend his reviews.
So long overdue in fact, that the series was no longer on my mind and this addition to it flew under my radar for nearly 4 years, 
The plot is basically the missing element of the Beast Wars series, if you remember Beast Wars episode 1 and Dinobot saying the line "We stole the Golden Disc for NOTHING!" you may recall upon first seeing that episode thinking things like what's the golden disc? when did they steal it? why is it important? And more so wishing they showed the Predacons steal it. 
Well this short episode takes care of those questions and desires, as the theft of the golden disc released a whopping 10 years after the last episode of Beast Wars finally brings this event that led into the series to light, 
I don't want to spoil this for those who have not seen it, you can check it out on youtube, and it is only just over 12 minutes long so I recommend doing so, but since this is a review here are the good and bad from my point of view: 
Seeing the Predacons in their original Cybertronian looks was pretty cool, as I suspected Terrorsaur appeared to be a Seeker. 
Cryotek was a pretty cool late addition to the series. 
Maximals just existed as cannon fodder in this episode, since this was all about the Preds glad they took that approach 
Dinobot kicked major ass, he single handedly took down 4 Maximals in a row, 
Closure, this finally gave us the missing piece of the Beast Wars puzzle.  
David Kaye reprises his role as Megatron 2
Animation is a bit glitch plagued at times, some of it reminds me of a PS1 cut scene, yet a lot of it is on par with the original, which makes the poorly done portions stand out that much more (wonder if this will be fixed since this will be a DVD extra in the upcoming Beast Wars DVD release?) 
Little dialog from most of the Predacons, Dinobot never says a word 
Not bad for a short but it did not really wow me either, the sparse dialog makes some moments a bit confusing, and the sometimes choppy animation is a major stand-out flaw. 
I liked it, and Beast Wars fans should watch it, but I wish Hasbro had the animators fix some of the technical issues before releasing it. Oh well, not bad, not great
3 out of 5
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