Dragon Ball #11 - The World's Greatest Super Battle!!

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 02/10/1988

Plot Summary

The Tenka'ichi Budôkai is heating up, and there can only be one winner! Last tournament's champion Jackie Chun goes up against three-eyed "Crane School" kung fu master Tenshinhan! Then, it's the long-awaited match between former classmates Goku and Kuririn--and guess who has some tricks up his sleeve! But Tenshinhan isn't just fighting to win, he's carrying out a deadly grudge--to avenge his master, the Crane Hermit, whose brother was killed by Goku. It all comes down to a final round so devastating the battlefield itself might not survive intact--let alone the spectators!

Having defeated Chaozu, Kuririn's next opponent was Goku of all people. This was an unexpected showdown between fellow pupils, but Goku got an overwhelming victory through his difference in power. He ended up going to the finals to face Tenshinhan, who had beaten Jackie Chun. An even battle of offense and defense unfolded between Goku and Tenshinhan, with neither giving an inch. Then Tenshinhan announced that in order to put an end to the battle, he would fire the Kikoho, which would shorten his own lifespan.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 121 Krillin's Master Plan
  • Chapter 122 - Goku vs Panpoot
  • Chapter 123 - Tien vs Jackie Chun
  • Chapter 124 - Young Tien
  • Chapter 125 - Goku vs Krillin
  • Chapter 126 - Goku vs Krillin Part 2
  • Chapter 127 - Goku vs Krillin Part 3
  • Chapter 128 - Goku vs Tien
  • Chapter 129 - The Volleyball Play
  • Chapter 130 - The Fist of the Sun
  • Chapter 131 - Tsuru-Sen'nin
  • Chapter 132 - The Arms Race


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Akira Toriyama artist, cover, writer,


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