The World Seed

The World Seed is an anime episode of Sword Art Online that was released on 12/22/2012

Kirigaya Kazuto has beaten death twice but there is one more thing he must do.

— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

On the way to the hospital, Kirito arrives where he gets cut by Suguo who is armed with a knife. Kirito tells Sugou to give himself in, yet Sugou remarks that companies will hire him. As Sugou kicks down Kirito, he tries to stab Kirito. Though, he misses due to his right eye gone foggy. Kirito fights back when he realizes Sugou's having difficulty. He grabs the knife, and with his other hand, he slams Sugou's head to the van. Kirito has the knife close to Sugou's neck. Recalling the times that Sugou has violated Asuna, Kirito stops himself from being consumed by his anger. In the hospital, Kirito hears a girl's voice, and he enters the room to see Asuna. Asuna touches Kirito's wound on his cheek, and Kirito cries a bit. The two share a kiss.

May 16, 2025: Kirito finishes class, and he meets up with Asuna in the park. He corrects Asuna that he is Kazuto. When Kirito grabs Asuna's hand, Asuna mentions that this place is visible from the cafeteria. She reveals the sandwiches she made, and Kirito mentions how Sugou got arrested. One of Sugou's employee confess the whole truth, and now, the remaining SAO players are free. The Virtual Massive Multiplayer Online Games suffer a major setback due to horrifying human experiments. Kirito informs Asuna that Kayaba committed suicide, and Asuna wonders if Kayaba uploaded his mind online. From the cafeteria, Silica tells Lisbeth (Rika) to not slurp so loud when Rika notices how Kirito and Asuna are too close. Silica tells Rika that the one month ceasefire was not such a great idea. Meanwhile, Suguha follows Asuna and Kirito to the cafe, and Kirito tells Suguha that Egil is a big man in a real life. Once Kirito and his group arrives to the cafe, everyone give their congratulations to Kirito for beating Sword Art Online.

Moments later, Kirito orders bourbon only to get oolong tea while Klein gets real alcohol. Thinker greets Kirito, and when Klein asks about the new MMORG, Thinker states it's still slow. Egil reveals the progress to the World Seed, and Kirito realizes that the World Seed is packaging program that runs a full-dive MMO called The Seed. This allows people to download the Seed program to create their own virutal world. This aids the revival of the Virtual MMORGs. When ALFheim Online is revived, new companies start opening up. While everyone enjoys themselves, Suguha drinks alone in the corner.

In a virtual world, Suguha flies high in the sky towards the moon. She falls down when she reaches the altitude limit. In the nick of time, Kirito catches Suguha, and when Suguha asks him why he does not use his SAO avatar, he mentions that Kirito has finished his job. Suguha teaches Kirito a new move as she dances with Kirito. The two hover around and swing each other. Kirito notices that Suguha is tearing up a bit, and she tells him that Kirito is too far away from everyone. He grabs Suguha and flies fast, and he stops to point to the moon. Something emerges, and it's Aincrad, the floating castle from Sword art Online. Kirito states that he is going to conquer 100 levels and asks Suguha to help him since his stats are reset. Then, everyone arrives to enter Aincrad. The last person to arrive is Asuna who offers her hand to Suguha.

Points of Interest

  • Lisbeth's real name is Rika.


  • Japanese Name: "Sekai no Shushi" (世界の種子)
  • Light Novel Chapter:
  • Opening Theme: N/A
  • Ending Theme: "crossing field" By LiSA

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Tomohiko Ito Director Director of Occult Academy


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