The World God Only Knows Characters

The World God Only Knows is an manga series in the The World God Only Knows franchise
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Ayumi Takahara

The possessor of the first spirit Keima must capture. She's a runner for the track and field club.

Chihiro Kosaka

The plain girl that wishes to be unique. She constantly fall in "love".


Goddess that helped seal old hell. After the great spirit escape, she possessed Tenri to help her save Keima.

Elsea de Lute Irma

New Devil assigned to capture escaped spirits from hell. Partner to Keima Katsuragi. Loves cleaning, cooking,and fire trucks.

Haqua du Lot Herminium

Haqua is Elsea's best friend and classmate. She is now District Chief for District 32 in Nagumo City. She was a model student and top of her graduating class. However, in the human world she was a failure. Until she met with Keima, she able to capture her first spirit.

Hinoki Kasuga

Hinoki Kasuga is an actress and the elder sister of Kusunoki Kasuga.

Jun Nagase

Jun Nagase is a graduate from Keima's High School and now she is the teacher of Keima's class.

Kanon Nakagawa

An idol that uses others to validate her existence. When the spirit within her grows she becomes almost transparent or sometimes completely invisible.

Keima Katsuragi

The lead character of The World God Only Knows. Known as the the "Capturing God".

Kusunoki Kasuga

The leader of the girls karate club in Maijiima academy. She is strong and says she hates cute weak things. In reality she loves cute things specially cats.

Mari Katsuragi

Mother of Keima Katsuragi. She was the leader of a biker gang in her youth. When angered her biker personality emerges, and many things get destroyed when shes angry. She worries about Keima's odd behavior.

Mio Aoyama

Daughter of the former president of Aoyama Central Industry. She becomes poor, but continues pretending to be rich.

Shiori Shiomiya

A librarian that loves to read. So much so that she has read all the books in Maijima academy's library. When talking to someone she tends to over think her response and looses her opportunity to speak.

Sora Asuka

Sora Asuka is the heroine of the buggy video game "Crayon" and a game character in The World God Only Knows series.

Tenri Ayukawa

Keima's childhood friend. She is shy and likes to pass the time by popping bubble wrap. She is possessed by Diana a heavenly God.

Tsukiyo Kujyo

A short girl who has a fascination for the moon and carries a doll with her named Luna.

Yuri Nikaido

Keima Katsuragis home room teacher in The World God Only Knows. She is very strict and doesn't hesitate to use violence to teach a lesson.

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