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The World God Only Knows is an anime series in the The World God Only Knows franchise
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A sugary baked desert that comes with frosting and typically some kind of topping. It is circular to make it easier to be cut into slices but can also be rectangular or square.

Containment Bin

The Containment Bin is used by the New Nevils to capture escaped spirits.

Lunch Box

Lunch boxes are traditional in Japan for taking to school and work, sometimes they are given as a sign of admiration for someone.


The PFP (Play Field Personal)is Keima Katsuragi's trusty portable gaming system.

Pumpkin Bicycle

The Pumpkin Bicycle is the transportation of Majolica le Fay of the Otogi Bank.

Robe of Feathers

The Robe of Feathers is a magical item used by the demons of New Hell in their hunt for escaped spirits. It can be used as a shield, invisibility cloak, shape shifting, in binding, and even time viewing.

Spirit Detector

The Spirit Detector locates evil spirits hiding in the gaps of young girls hearts.


A Taser is an eletro-shock weapon that is designed to incapacitate a human by using a high electrical current. They come in hand held and gun-style models.

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