The Witch of Plated City (Part 2)

The Witch of Plated City (Part 2) is an anime episode of Galaxy Express 999 that was released on 05/25/1977

Plot Summary

"They say there is one perpetual, unchanging law in the universe: 'The planet that forces itself to shine brightly will not last.'" - Narrator

Still reeling from the death of his mother, Wheeler Lock takes up her cause and vows to destroy the system which allows for the discrimination against non-gilded people. With the Galaxy Express 999 having departed without him, Tetsuro decides to aid him. Together, the two of them enter the magnetic factory which serves as the heart of the gilding factories. The two are attacked by a strange cyborg women who captures Wheeler Lock and commends him for being the first person to stand up to her in over a thousand years. Unbeknown to her, Tetsuro has her in his line of sight and kills her with one shot, removing the gold plating from everyone on the planet.
As the two of them make their escape, Maetel swoops down in a spaceship to rescue Tetsuro. Later, Wheeler Lock meets up with Mekki Gold, who has lost her gold plating, and the two share an embrace that as equals in non-gilded society.

Characters & Voice Actors

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