The Witch of Plated City (Part 1)

The Witch of Plated City (Part 1) is an anime episode of Galaxy Express 999 that was released on 05/18/1979

Plot Summary

"At times, travelers see a golden planet shining in the darkness of space. Those struck by its golden light compare it to their own home planet and become envious of its sparkle. However, even on such a sparkling planet, something is now about to happen." - Narrator

The Galaxy Express stops for 24 hours on the Plated Planet, a place where everything, including the people, are plated in gold. After facing some discrimination due to their lack of golden skin, Maetel and Tetsuro settle into their hotel room. Later, Tetsuro is attacked in his room and knocked unconscious, allowing Maetel's suitcase to be stolen. Tetsuro searches after the thief who turns out to be a young man wearing gold paint named Wheeler Lock.
After a confrontation and near death, Tetsuro is rescued by Wheeler's mother, a freedom fighter trying to destroy the system of gild based oppression on the planet, who takes him to their home. While there, Tetsuro finds out that, similar to Mariko's Firefly, citizens of the Plated Planet judge each other by how brightly their gold plating glows and discriminate against those who don't have gold plating. Shortly afterward, the government of the city attacks the settlement of citizens who are ungilded, killing Wheeler's mother in the process.

Characters & Voice Actors

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