The Will of Fire Still Burns!

The Will of Fire Still Burns! is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 09/01/2004
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Search for Tsunade Arc

The Will of Fire Still Burns! - 火の意志を継ぐもの (Hi no ishi o tsugu mono)

Lee hesitates when Tsunade asks him whether he will quit pursuing the path of a ninja or choose to undergo a risky surgery with only a fifty percent chance of success.


Opening Theme-

"GO!!!" by FLOW

In the early morning just outside the Ninja Academy of the Hidden Leaf Village, Rock Lee stands alone. he remembers the time he sat here and proclaimed he can be a great ninja without ninjutsu or genjutsu. Later that morning, Naruto is leaving his house. Running through the street he nearly runs into Rock Lee when he turns a corner. He asks how things went with Tsuande, but Lee goes quiet. Naruto goes on to talk about how hard things are for the village now and how everyone needs to step up. Their conversation is interrupted when as Moegi and Udon come running and calling how to Naruto. They say Konohamaru's in trouble.

In the Hokage's building, Konohanaru has locked himself inside one of the offices. Izumo and Kotetsu call out to him and threaten to break the door down as Shizune waits by the side. On the inside, Konohamaru has propped up furniture against the door and rigged them with variety of traps and seals. He dares them to try and break in. He says to oppose him it to oppose the Third Hokage, his grandfather. They try busting in the door, but it triggers smoke bombs filled with pepper. Tsunade wonders by asking what the commotion is about. Tonton leaps up to her. From his oinking she learns the situation. She chides these jonin for not being able to handle one child. Izumo tries to explain it's the grandson of the Third Hokage inside, but she doesn't care if it's his grandson since she's the Fifth Hokage, and the grand daughter of the First Hokage. Before they can use Ninjutsu against the door, Naruto arrives to stop them. He asks Tsuunade to let him handle it. She agrees, but he has till the end of the day.

At the Hidden Leaf's hospital, Sakura has come to visit. The nurse tells her that Sasuke was already discharged, but Sakura says she's here to see Lee during his rehabilitation. The nurse explains that Lee hasn't arrived yet, but it's unlike him to be late. Lee is standing at the bridge over the village's river and thinks over the 50% odds Tsunade gave him for the surgery.

At the Hokage's building, Naruto bangs on the door to talk to Konohamaru. He tries tempting him with ramen, but after nothing but silence, Konohamaru yells out and calls Naruto an idiot. Angered, Naruto tries busting the door down, but several wash basins drop on his head from above after one hit.

Lee is standing alone at the river when Sakura arrives. She brought him flowers and he's not quite sure at first that they're for him. He reaches out for them but falls and has to be caught by her. She tells Lee that Sasuke has been sent home to recover and should be ready for missions soon. She talks about how great Tsunade is and that she's sure she could help if he would let her look at him, as well. She bids him farewell and tells him if she can help him just to ask.

Tsunade walks through the city with Shizune carrying a large load of books. She complains that one bar should be open by now. She complains the city's no fun since she can't gamble or drink. It reminds her of the Third Hokage, but Shizune chides her for that comment. Shizune makes a deal with Tsunade, if she can find a place for her to sit and drink, she promises to also work. At the local dango shop, Tsunade sits unimpressed. Tsunade comments on how strict Shizune has become lately. She points out that Tsunade was using the fact that Konohamaru is locked up in that room as an excuse not to work. She then hands her the book of recent ninja to look through and tells her to enjoy the dango, but she shouts that she doesn't like sweets.

Back at the office, Naruto is trying to get Konohamaru to at least tell him why he's locked up in there. Getting angry, Naruto tells him that he has friends out here worrying. If he doesn't come out he's going to drag him out. Naruto tries the Sexy Jutsu to tempt Konohamaru. Getting angry, Naruto goes tsundere, and demands Konohamaru to at least say something. Changing back, he now tries Shadown Clones to overwhelm the door through power. They rush the door and many smoke pepper bombs fall. From inside, Konohamaru quietly says that this is his grandfather's room.

Rock Lee decides his fate as a ninja
Rock Lee decides his fate as a ninja

At the dango shop, Tsunade goes through the list of ninja and comes across Hinata's stats. Looking at the make up of the teams she can see what the Third Hokage was thinking. She goes to Shikamaru's stats, but eventually ends on Rock Lee's. She stares at his image then closes the book. Saying her shoulders are stiff, she gets up to step outside for some fresh air. Walking by the river she sees flower petals floating by. Further up she sees Rock Lee pulling one petal after the next. Every other petal he whispers, "Success".

Naruto is finally fed up. To get Konohamaru out, he's not going to go easy anymore. Suddenly Konohamaru shouts that this is his grandfather's room and he wont let anyone else use it. Naruto tries to explain the village is in danger and there is no time for such a thing, but Konohamaru shouts out that he doesn't care. Angered, he's prepared to use his latest jutsu to tear down the door. Before he can use the Rasengan, Tsunade brushes against him and knocks him over. Naruto tries to warn her before she touches the door, but she makes short work of all the traps. With her incredible strength she opens the door and defeats all the traps as if she hardly notices them. Naruto is impressed and Konohamaru is in awe of the display of strength. He flinches in fear as she reaches toward him, but what she grabs is a nearby book. Just as casually as she walked in, she leaves as she reads.

At sunset, Naruto and Konohamaru pray at the memorial to the fallen ninja. Naruto tries to explain to Naruto the trouble the village is in, but he's already heard this from Iruka. He asks if he doesn't like Tsunade, but that's not it. He thinks that soon no one will call him "honorable grandson" anymore. He'll just be plain Konohamaru. Naruto's confused, because he said he use to hate being called just "honorable grandson". Konohamaru thinks people are gong to forget his grandfather. Naruto tells him that no one will ever forget the Third Hokage. They go back and forth. Konohamaru is sure people will forget and Naruto tells him there isn't a chance of that happening. Frustrated, he grabs Konohamaru and brings him to talk to Tsuande to get her promise she wont change the village.

Shizune is walking through the streets and being led by Tonton to find Tsunade. She's sitting at a local bar and reading on revitalizing cells. Shizune walks in and is shocked to find Tsuande is working and trying to concentrate. Shizune shouts out that she's never heard that word come from her unless gambling. The raised voices are heard by Naruto and Konohamaru walking by. Tsunade asks her is she remembers Kabuto. She's thought about his ability to create cells with chakra. Shizune asks if this is for Lee. She's trying to find a way to increase Lee's odds even if just a little. When Shizune tells her that acquiring that ability will be difficult, Tsunade says that she'll just have to try. She's the Fifth Hokage. Konohamaru hear this conversation from outside. He begins to remember when his grandfather once had to go into battle. He told him that he can't be helped since she's the Third Hokage. He tells his grandson that the entire village is his family. To protect the family is the true duty of the Hokage.

Tsuande runs out of sake, but Shizine brings her some saying that she'll make an exception for today. Naruto asks Konohamaru why he's walking away without talking to Tsunade. He says he doesn't want to meet with her anymore. As they walk, Konohamaru looks to the monument mountain of the Hokages. He says it can't be helped since he's the grandson of the Third Hokage, but Naruto is just confused. Tsunade stays and studies into the night seeing Rock Lee as her patient.

Points of Interest

  • The members of Team 8, Kurenai's team, are only seen this episode in the ninja guide book Tsunade is reading this episode. The have no spoken lines.
  • The members of Team 10, Asuma's team, are only seen this episode in the ninja guide book Tsunade is reading this episode. The have no spoken lines.
  • Neji and Tenten of Team 9, Guy's team, are only seen this episode in the ninja guide book Tsunade is reading this episode. The have no spoken lines.

Ending Theme-

"Ryusei (流星)" by Tia

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
Naruto UzumakiSexy Jutsu
Shadow Clone Jutsu

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