Slayers Knight Of The Aqua Lord #4 - THE WHEELS OF FATE, Spinning Round

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on

Plot Summary

Lina Inverse and co. can only stand by and watch helplessly as the General Riksfalto effortlessly bats away Lina's strongest spell, The Dragon Slave. All hope seems lost until Fanan, the girl who commands the power of the Airlord Vaalwin, launches a counter attack of her own, and the power of the Aqua Lord, seemingly in resonance with the Air Lord's power, begins to activate. In this quickly intensifying battle of humans, Gods, and Demons, what awaits Lina and Co.

Table Of Content

17 - AND SO, They Head South

18 - CIRCLING ROUND, The Time For Battle

19 - COMRADES, Splitting Apart

20 - THE WHEELS OF FATE, Spinning Round

21 - BREAKING THROUGH, My Emotions

Spells Use

Lina InverseBurst Flare
Amelia SailluneResurrection


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Hajime Kanzaka writer,
Tommy Ohtsuka artist,
Rui Araizumi other,


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