One Piece #34 - The Water Capitol: Water Seven

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 08/04/2004

Plot Summary

One Piece - Vol. 34

The Water Capitol: Water Seven -「水の都」 ウォーターセブン ("Mizu no Miyako" Wōtā Sebun)

Before the Straw Hats can get the Merry Go fixed, they must face the Foxy Pirates in a game called a Davy Back Fight. Will the Straw Hats find a way to win the three challenges, or will they lose their crew? And what's in store when Admiral Aokiji, who knows of Nico Robin's mysterious past, finds them?

--- VIZ


Chapter 317. K.O......Pg.

K.O. (Nokku Auto)

Chapter 318. Closure.....Pg.

閉会 (Heikai)

Chapter 319. Marine Headquarters "Admiral" Aokiji.....Pg.

海軍本部「大将」青キジ (Kaigun Honbu "Taishō" Aokiji)

Chapter 320. Greatest Power.....Pg.

最高戦力 (Saikō Senryoku)

Chapter 321. One-on-One.....Pg.

一騎打ち (Ikkiuchi)

Chapter 322. Puffing Tom.....Pg.

パッフィング・トム (Paffingu Tomu)

Chapter 323. The Water Capitol: Water Seven.....Pg.

「水の都」 ウォーターセブン ("Mizu no Miyako" Wōtā Sebun)

Chapter 324. Adventure in the City of Water.....Pg.

水上都市の冒険 (Suijō Toshi no Bōken)

Chapter 325. The Franky Family.....Pg.

フランキー一家 (Furankī Ikka)

Chapter 326. Iceburg-san.....Pg.

アイスバーグさん (Aisubāgu-san)

Chapter 327. Shipyard Island, Construction Dock No. 1.....Pg.

造船島造船工場1番ドック (Zōsenjima Zōsen Kōjō Ichi-ban Dokku)

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Name
FoxySlow-Slow Beam Sword
Foxy Fighter
Megaton Nine-Tails Rush
Slow-Slow Beam
Super Vengeance Shoulder Throw
Monkey D. LuffyGum-Gum Gatling
Gum-Gum Flail
Gum-Gum Bullet
Gum-Gum Storm
AokijiIce Age
Ice Saber
Ice Time
Nico RobinTreinta Fleur - Clutch
SanjiSlice Shot
Tony Tony ChopperHeavy Point
Walking Point
Roronoa ZoroNitoryu - Rhino Cycle
PaulieRope Action - Round Turn
Rope Action - Bowline Knot
Oshioki - Ippon Dzuri

Points of Interest

  • The side story of Gedatsu is continued in the splash pages of this volume.
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