The War of the Undies and Vests, Baby

The War of the Undies and Vests, Baby is an anime episode of Space☆Dandy that was released on 02/08/2014

While QT is cleaning up various rooms within the Aloha Oe, she notices a surfboard in Dandy's room and wonders aloud if he's a "shoobie" because she's never seen him surf.

Later, the ship comes to the last remaining moon of the planet called Eden, shortly before being shot down due to stumbling into a no-fly zone that QT forgot to mention beforehand. After crash-landing on the planet, Dandy and Meow are each captured by a separate alien who praise them for their choice in clothes.

The Undie alien who believes in the supremacy of bottom-wear and the Vestian who believes only in top-wear have been fighting a war for nearly 10000 years to the point where they are the only ones left, and they drag Dandy and Meow into their respective sides as they continue fighting. QT suggests that to get the aliens registered they need to hold a peace conference, even as each alien reveals to their respective captive that they have a doomsday device set to blow up the moon if things break down.

The peace conference seems to go well, until QT mentions that the two sides need to exchange "their most prized possessions." The Vestian and Undian try to do it but can't bring themselves to put on the other's clothing and start fighting each other again while Dandy and Meow punch each other at the same time. Eventually, the aliens start throwing rocks at each other and end up crushing their own skulls in as they both pick up rocks too heavy for them to throw.

Unfortunately, the aliens have just enough life left to activate their own doomsday devices, blowing up the moon from its core. QT plans on abandoning Dandy and Meow at first, but then remembers the surfboard and launches it out the airlock. Dandy catches the board and rides the geysers into space with Meow as the episode ends.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Yoshiyuki Ito Character Artist/Designer
Shingo Natsume Director Japanese Animator
Shinichiro Watanabe Director Anime director.
Yoko Kanno Music Yoko Kanno is a Japanese musical composer for anime and video games.
Michio Mihara Storyboard


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