The Voice in the Night

The Voice in the Night is an anime episode of The Legend of Korra that was released on 04/28/2012

Episode 4: The Voice in the Night

As Korra learns about the severity of The Equalists and The Revolution, she discovers that she isn't the only one afraid of this new movement. Being roped in to a new task group set up to sequester the revolts, Korra discovers a devilish plan as she comes to terms with her own feelings when she meets Amon once more.

Plot Summary

As Korra tries to sleep, she is on edge as a group of chi blockers break into her room. She does her best to fend them off but she is quickly immobilized. Struggling, she sees Amon emerge from the shadows as he vows to rob her of her bending abilities. Korra then awakens from her nightmare, Naga coming to her aid as she worries about the threat of the Equalists. The next day, the various councilmen of Republic City meet in order to figure out what to do with the problem of the Equalists. Councilman Tarrlok of the Northern Water Tribes proposes a task group to be assembled and to strike Amon's forces. Tenzin knows that this will worsen things as he vows to try and resolve the matter without violence. Tarrlok compares what is going on to Aang, an action that angers Tenzin as the council agrees to put together this force.

Tarrlok invites himself to dinner
Tarrlok invites himself to dinner

Korra continues to train in airbending as Amon hacks the radio airwaves in order to relay the message that benders have always made the innocent tremble in fear, now its time for it to be the other way around. Back in the city, Mako is trying to get home before getting knocked over by a motorcyclist. The cyclist apologizes profusely as she recognizes Mako from the Fire Ferrets. She introduces herself as Asami and promises him to dinner the next night. Korra sits down to dinner with Tenzin and the family as Tarrlok invites himself in. He showers Korra in compliments and asks her to help lead the task force. To the surprise of both Tenzin and Korra, she rejects his offer as she needs to focus on becoming a better bender as opposed to rushing into the battle head on.

Mako arrives to his date at the extravagant restaurant where he is fitted with a custom suit as he dines with Asami. She states she can't wait to see him in the tournament as he reveals that they have no way of paying the entry fee. Disheartened, the waiter reveals that Asami is Asami Sato, the daughter of industrialist Hiroshi Sato. Mako is humbled as Asami asks if he would like to meet her father. Back at Air Temple Island, Bolin arrives to give Korra a gift as a way of saying thank you for saving him. He states how she is fearless as she tries to act modest. Another gift offering is brought to her as Bolin wonders what's going on. Korra explains that Torrlak is trying to bribe her into joining his forces but she continued to deny the requests. Tenzin approaches Korra, wondering if she rejected the offer for a different reason than she gave. Korra is quick to dismiss this as Tenzin reminds her if she needs to talk that he's there for her.

At a factory in the city, Mako is introduced to Hiroshi Sato, the creator of the Satomobile (their definition for a car) and explains how he was poor and all it took was one person to change their lives. Hirsoshi states that he will pay the Fire Ferret's entry fee so long as they agree to wear uniforms that promote his business. Mako agrees eagerly as Korra is invited by Torrlak to a gala in her honor. Everyone she knows shows up, including Chief Bei Fong, as Tenzin suspects there is something else going on while Korra is somewhat jealous of Mako's new relationship with Asami. However, it turns out that Torrlak set up a press conference for Korra to be ambushed and pushing her to join the task force to keep her pride in tact. Despite being nervous, she does well in the first wave of attacks against the Revolutionaries.

Korra challenges Amon to a duel
Korra challenges Amon to a duel

The people are still unsatisfied with Korra's indecision to take Amon head on. She issues an open challenge to Amon over the radio: a one on one duel on Aang Memorial Island that night at midnight so they can settle things once and for all. Tenzin tries to stop her, surprised that even Torrlak disapproves of this move, as she vows that she must do it. She heads to the island to wait. Initially being afraid of her own shadow, Korra grows bored as it is well past the time she announced. Deciding that Amon is a no show, she attempts to leave only to be ambushed by the Equalists, a group attacking her from the shadows as they block her chi immediately. Amon meets her face to face as she fears he'll take her bending away. He states that while their fight is inevitable, if he kills her now, it'll make her a martyr and put a dent in his plans. He reveals that he has something planned and that he'll save her for last. Amon knocks Korra out, causing her to have several visions of Sokka, Toph, and Aang when they were alive and adults. As Korra awakens, Tenzin comes to her aid. Even though she has her bending, she breaks down and cries; claimign she was utterly terrified for her life as Tenzin comforts her.

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Michael Dante DiMartino Writer Michael Dante DiMartino is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.
Bryan Konietzko Writer Bryan Konietzko is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.
Ki Hyun Ryu Animation Director Ki Hyun Ryu is a notable animation director.
Joaquim Dos Santos Animation Director Joaquim Dos Santos is a notable animation director.


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