So, What Does VISION OF ESCAFLOWNE #9 Actually Mean?

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Look at that thematic doubling there!

I should’ve picked up on it on my first watch, but the parallels drawn between Van’s courtship with Hitomi and the courtship of his parents are a lot harder to miss, this time ‘round. Nothing makes drama more than conflict, and no relationships are more conflicted than those of star-crossed lovers, no?

(Although, having a bit more life experience, specifically in dating foreign gals, I can’t help but wonder amusedly about how Van and Hitomi’s day-to-day would ever work after the rebellion finishes. Don’t see them having any common interests to discuss, at all…)

Actually, since this is the episode that finally introduces the evil emperor Dornkirk, I might as well keep the English teacher hat on and comment on how one of the title’s dual meanings is rather comically literal. Sure, on one level, “the Vision of Escaflowne” has poetic connotations; alluding to how we, the viewers, are picturing this halcyon fantasy world of Gaea and its greatest mech. On the other level, “the Vision of Escaflowne” rather bluntly refers to how Hitomi basically just serves as Van’s seeing-eye dog when he’s fighting, more-or-less blind, against Dilandau’s invisible goons. When Escaflowne can’t see the bad guys, and she can, then... she’s the Vision of Escaflowne!

Certainly, the show goes on to play with a lot of themes of destiny, free will and what not, and how it’s an epic folly to ever think we can see the future (as demonstrated through Dornkirk) - - so that’s another riff on the title’s theme. Hopefully, I’ll catch some new connection to the evil emperor’s identity on this go ‘round, though. I was able to figure out that he was really Isaac Newton pretty much when it was first alluded to, but I still find it puzzling how such a whole-cloth fantasy would go out of its way to fit a real life scientific figure into its mythos.

Perhaps I’m simply not seeing something here?

Look up this episode, "Memories of a Feather" and decide for yourself, then read my thoughts on the previous episode here.

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Wait...if this because somehow anti-scientific I think I am going to be very very upset given how much I like the movie version...

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