The Violinist of Hamelin

The Violinist of Hamelin is an anime series
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Fifteen years ago, Queen Horn of Sforzando tried to shut evil out of the world of Staccato with a powerful spell, but not even the strongest spell lasts forever, and now Horn's strength is failing. Evil Hell King Bass is trying to break through the barrier and release the "supreme leader" Great Chestra (in Japanese "Oh-kestra"), a dark being of unparalleled power who is trapped somewhere in Staccato. Horn's estranged daughter, Flute, is the only person who can save Sforzando from the inrush of darkness. She's been in hiding for 15 years, but now she is called by her mother to return to Sforzando. She sets out for the capital with her childhood friend and guardian, Hamel, but on the way they have many strange adventures and meet old and new friends. Hamel learns more about the mystery of his past and the strange horn on his head.

Based on a 1991 manga in Shonen GanGan by Michiaki Watanabe, VoH mixes tragedy and suspense with humor. On the way to becoming a moving picture the story developed a split personality. In 1996, it became a funny movie and was followed soon after by a much darker and more serious TV series-insofar as anything can be dark and serious when the protagonists' main weapons, as well as their names, are musical instruments. The animation in the TV series is noticeably low-budget, too, which caused controversy when the director himself publicly complained about the limited materials he had to work with.

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General Information Edit
Name The Violinist of Hamelin
Romaji: Hamelun no Violin
Publisher ?
Start Year 1996
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Aliases Violin of Hamelin
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