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Fuller thoughts on this season's pilots are in these blurbs...

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So far the only show I been watching Nisekoi. It a cliche romance comedy but it pace pretty well and has a nice style to it to keep it enjoyable.

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NOBUNAGA THE FOOL is as close as you can get to The Vision of Escaflowne with out being a total rip off. Design is awsome. Characters are meh to good. Storry is good 70% of The Vision of Escaflowne . From tarrot to cards mechs an two worlds. Tho it reminds me minus the historical names of old Mechwarror back grounds some what.

NOBUNAGUN for what it is ,is not bad. It looks like a cartoon network style show tho.

WIZARD BARRISTERS suffers from at times being like L A Law. But its animation an over aching story makes up for it.

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I started watching "Wake Up Girls" which seems ok, And I've really enjoyed Witch Craft Works so far, Can't wait to hear what you guys have to say about that one,
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@Kino88: Started to watch Wake up Grils but i missed the movie. Aprently its a must watch before the series. Its on my will watch as soon as I get time list tho.

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I enjoyed Silver Spoon so far. Got into it when I heard Hiromu Arakawa draw it. It's not a bad show. It depends if you're big slice of life fan.

Same for Nobunagun. I was bored and decided to try it when I saw on Crunchyroll. It looks bad, and the theme song is horrible, but I find it entertaining. Both Nobunagun and Nobunaga the Fool does take liberty with historical figures. Ghandi was a celibate man, but his reincarnation is into girls. For Da Vinci, the real life version destroyed his inventions and blue prints, so no would used them for war. The Nobunaga the Fool version only cares for the truth. Nobunagun is my guilty pleasure show if I'm using the term correctly. I'll be watching both series.

Also, I'm a big fan of Wizards Barrister. It's a series that explores racism between Wuds (people who use magic) and human beings while adding a Case Closed or "Law and Order" as Matt said element. I liked it a lot.

Kermit and Ms Piggy!
Kermit and Ms Piggy!

Good Shows I enjoyed:

  • Pilot's Love Song - For those who love romance with a bit of Skies of Arcadia/Valkyria Chronicles vibe if you're a fan of those games. You'll know why.
  • Kuroko's Basketball 2 - I wasn't much of a sports fan, but I digged it. If you like basketball with a mix of Shonen "magic," it's for you.
  • Super Sonico - If you like slice of life shows with some fan service, it's for you!

I have more, but I have to work on the weekly manga project.

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Started watching Zvezda, seems good. Klk continues to be good and I plan to catch up on Golden Time.

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You should do another of these at the end of the season comparing. Given how your opinon on one has at least changed would be interesting...and I really have to disagree with you on gun - it is actually pretty hilariously good. It is a pity Wizard you didn't like as damn was it beautifully animated.

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