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Topic started by No_name_here on Jan. 30, 2014. Last post by Dream 1 year ago.
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Definitely want to see more AniMelee! I thought those videos were a lot of fun and well put together.

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I would really want to see some more AniMelee as well :D. Two matches I would like to see are a mech vs mech, and maybe Light vs Lelouch. Great job so far on all these videos guys!

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Regarding Witch Works, I would have to agree those of us with prior harem knowledge would apreciate the show maybe a bit more. But thats not to say those who hate harems could not nor would not enjoy it. Good 65% chance you Tom would like it tho.

To answer the title question about shonen appeal. Shonen is aimed mostly at younger folk middle to high school or so. An what it does difrent as a theme/ gene is that it has two things in comman. One it shows some one not giving up an working on their dreams. An two it shows you can lose battles an still win the war. I find thse to be the most comman under curents in shonen.

An in a world that tells us to give up. To settle for less. Its a dam nice thing to watch shows that celerbrate the stuborn, the hard workers, simply those who have the will to keep trying. That is it;s appeal to me at least.

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The reason why I like Shonens is because they help me to relax, before and after work. It a thing that I look forward to each week and I usually is entertain

Well, Tom that why I meanly read the Manga. The Anime just feel like slug next to the Manga.

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Suppose shonen titles have been the anime gateway drug for many anime fans in recent years (not saying everyone mind you, but the influence of titles like DBZ and the HST are more well known to recent anime fans). I suppose it's appealing to new fans thanks to how edgy and over the top the action would seem compared to what American animation has showed off. But once you get familiar with all the common tropes that these titles pull off (which has happened to me), then it can kill your enjoyment of many of the titles that appeal to the demographic.

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