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Topic started by No_name_here on Sept. 18, 2013. Last post by RealJpoe 1 year, 4 months ago.
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Here some simple things I want from a anime movie.

1. They are movies not a lengthy episode or a few episodes running together.

2. Mostly focus on the plot. Small side stories are welcome only if they help with character development.

3. If the movie is a side story of a series it should still stick to the series's logic. Also movie plot shouldn't interfere with the series's overall plot.

4. Make it good.

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What I want in an anime movie is the kind of alternative take, and having seen the movie separately and before the original and always being MUCH more of an eva fan and lord the animation man...so yeah I watched the movie and didn't even see all of the original. And seriously you broke filming for an ice cream truck????

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What I want from an anime movie is simple: it has to be of a quality higher than a singe episode of an anime. If I think that a movie could've worked as an extra episode of an anime series, then I don't think that it has the special quality that a film possesses.

I think Akira is a great example of that.

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When it comes to Escaflowne the direction, animation, mood, & character motivations in the film adaptation were better while the series had more time to flesh out the character development & world building for a more enjoyable journey. This is one of those rare cases where if the show had the style (and budget) of the movie it would of been perfect. The mood between the two reminded me very mush of when you first read those grim fairy tales that are a dark take on the happy ones you are used to.

When it comes to anime movies in general the Rebuild of Evangelion movies are doing it perfect for a long time fan like myself. Where anime movies go wrong are the shonen side story's & digest films.

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