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I too like Tsundere since they usually are the most interesting characters in a show. There are many times where Tsundere characters are very one dimensional, getting angry at characters for no reason and get all clam up at a drop of a hat. The good ones usually develop over many episodes and both help flesh out the main character as well as their character (Kyou from Clannad).

There another character type call Kuudere which are characters who are calm and composed. Always the ones who can handle a situation. Their also can cutest characters in the show once they loss their composer in a situation that they couldn't predict, usually something the main character would set up. Naoto from Persona 4 is a good example (Not a anime but it close).

Another Anime trope I like is the beach episode. There is the usually fan-service but when done right for a long run of episodes, helps break up the daily life of the characters and have them have fun in the sun.

Brother and sister (or sister and brother) is a good one since it allows the main character have a friendly relationship with the opposite sex without any love in it, out side of sibling love.

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Hey now fetishes are not bad! *hides his cat of nine tails*

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