The Epic VICE PIT Q&A - - Part 2!

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So here is a comment for you to what happened to the old opening to this? And I think you are more tastemakers than you think...and thank you for talking about the fact that more comes over now and so we get the good and the bad. Have you seen the fist of the north star video is so so bad it is hilarious...wait a dark pokemon....wouldn't that defeat the purpose of pokemon...?

Interesting as always!

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I love how, at the mention of Toriko, Sam goes into full rant mode. At 6:44 Tom looks into the camera with a look that said "Not this again."

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I feel like i just won the internets! Hopefuly my comments have intresting enuff spelling mistakes an all.Thanks guys.

But i digress. Sam has a good point here about golden memories of the past. People ( as a general rule) foget the crap an rember the golden oldies an forget the tarnished brass memories of the days gone by.Be it the weather to anime this holds true in all things.

An for the sake of Tom Pinchuk sanity please Sam go watch Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyou ..... wash that Toriko from your minds eye. But then again Tom should watch " Ghost in the Shell: Arise" asap to clear another rant just to balance things.

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Thanks for honorable mention. I can't pronounce my name either. I just shorten it to Taka. "Chea" was my mother's maiden name. I just stuck it on the end of Takashi (originally Kakashi) to make it unique.

I watched the Toriko crossover with One Piece. My first impression of Toriko is like Dragon Ball Z but with butt kicking connoisseurs. I still haven't seen Toriko yet. 1998 was a magical year in N64. Ocarina of Time rock my childhood. I pretty much grew up as a Nintendo kid. I explored the Playstation during college.

Pokemon anime series getting a revamp with new content is a dream for us old Pokemon fans. Ash Ketchum, Misty, and Brock are in our hearts. Though, we need some new blood.

For fan service, Binbogami ga! execute fan service well. Though, my pal, Lukero, didn't appreciate the whole big boobs and small boobs name calling war. I'm not attracted to fan service. I'm okay with it. It's like alcohol. It works best in moderation.

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Sorry, Sam, Toriko's taking its own turn, and it's not as much about fighting as it once was. Is that them making up filler? I don't know if they've caught up to the manga yet.

I don't think I've seen a fight of any sort happen in about 10 episodes. I'm not caught up, so maybe a conflict rises up again.

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