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In Silver spoon it is explain that the main character failed to enter the high school he wanted and want to the Ezo Agricultural High School, think that it'll be easier. It a good tale on agricultural and finding out who you are and where you fit in.

WATAMOTE ends up being more of a comedy than a character study but it does go there with the introduction of the main character's past friend.

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I need to continue watching Gatchaman. Silver Spoon's Hachiken came to school because he doesn't know what to do with his life. It's supposed to reflect how students go into college not knowing what their true calling is. Yeah, the first episode doesn't explain it.

"Sugo desne" that was great, Sam. You should have went with Desu for Rozen Maiden. I remember Sonata showed me that weird video of a girl with red and green eyes yelling Desu. Do folks label anime fans with these stereotypes? I don't watch Rozen Maiden but I heard of it.

I need to try Watamote. She sounds like your stereotypical Fujoshi, the female Otaku with an overreactive imagination. The only difference is that she doesn't do yaoi shipping.

You have to click on the CC to view subtitles.

Other series I enjoy were Blood Lad and Danganronpa.

Danganronpa is a mix of Battle Royale and Phoenix Wright. It's based on a video game, and it's about a crazy bear forcing 15 students to give in temptation. If one student kills another, they hold a class trial to find the killer.

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Wow Sam's got Gatchaman Crowds comparison almsot down pat.Its not near as dark at 1st tho. But it does build into semi- serious to rather dark turn few episodes in.Any one who is a comic fan odds are would enjoy it.Its been one of the few new shows this season thats been what i expected it to be.Actualy even better than.

Il sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion i may come back on the art just does not fit the story for me.Probly me being picky in a seaon of meh .

Take heart tho Fall looks much better for anime.Also mentioned in this Vice Pit..

Note how they say Echaflowne (es-cha-flow-na) or at least thats how my ears hear it.Sort of italian sounding.Also not i own this on dvd an its all Tom Pinchuk fault! Its actualy a pretty dam good sword mech series.One day ill do a review of it.For those who are crest fallen over this season as i am older anime like this one helps fil the void.

At this point in the season i have more hold over shows than new ones.Of the new i would recomend Gatchaman Crowds to most any one. Dog & Scissors to any one who can d a 3 episode trial an liked Binbogami ga! style shows.Blood Lad also tho not reviewed is a good pick if you like Tim Burton like anime.

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I've been hearing a lot about Blood Lad, although I haven't seen it myself. Thanks for reminding me that it exists Marshal Victory!

Hey Tom, are you going to review Monogatari: Second Season? I know that you did a Watch and Learn over one episode from Bakemongatari and then promptly dropped the show, but I would recommend returning to it. It's kind of "calmed down" since the first season. I like to describe it as Twin Peaks set in Saved by the Bell.

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Wait.,..what is the joke on vision of escaflone here? Love that show and the movie version.

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I can't pinpoint why I'm liking it so much, but I've been really enjoying Sunday Without God a lot more the I originally thought I would. Maybe I should re-watch the beginning again to see if I can figure out what hooked me on it.

I've also been enjoying the third season of The World God Only Knows, though I do find it to be a bit of a departure from the seasons in the past that made me fall in love with it.

Other then that, though, everything else has mostly been a "chuck" for me, except for a couple of shows I'm mostly just watching for watching's sake.

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