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Topic started by No_name_here on Aug. 5, 2013. Last post by zaldar 1 year, 7 months ago.
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Well SERVANT X SERVICE! gets a lot better after episode one. Everything else doesn't really stand up.

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Dog & Scissors took 3 atempts to get threw the 1st show. 2nd show was much better . Oh an he can read as a dog.Also GONZO is part of the show production. So kinda explains why 1st show went way out there,Its not bad . Binbogami ga! was a good comparison .But its bookworm shonen! Watchable if you can get past the 1st show.Kinda like it now.

Servant X Service reminded me of Wagnaria!!. Except not as funny.May go back to at some point.Just did not "work" for me.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club had no intrest in. Reviews back that up even more.

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist eh ...well.. no.Also seen deeper discriptions of heirachy of hell in D&D books that just did not impress me.Its not a high concept. its the big fake wink an nudge to the slash fic people.They must be the slash fic people.No females . Had hoped it would get to a Black Butler level but no way close for me.

Gifu Dodo!! Kanetsugu and Keiji 2 atempts go get threw the 1st episode an stoped at 2nd atempt at 2nd show.Some poor animation toped off with neck muscles bigger than heads an plot i cared little for. Studio Deen has done much better before to.

Also note Tom Pinchuk hate to tell ya but ya Sam is right. Part of your reviews of things include world build thus its logic.If you bought its world logic or if it was a strech.Dog & Scissors is a reincarnation story about a guy who dies trying to save a girl from being shot.Who ends up being his favorite author.Who can hear his thoughts as a dog.. who is also a freak.That show defines fast world build but also has a huge strech of the imagination to get there.A suspention of logic an reason even.

Then again its a over the top strange comedy .Again to agree with Sam its very Binbogami ga! like.

Good video gentelmen.Hope springs ethernal or rather fall season looks much better than season sumer 2013 did.

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Would love to draw that for you, but I'm dealing with some issues involving my computer. I'm writing this from my Kindle.
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Forgot to add the referance in the vid some young ones may not get...

Also out of the drawing Sam pool as well.Not set up to draw atm an sick again :/

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I watched Free because I was looking for something different. I enjoyed it.I know it's awkward and makes people feel "gay." For some odd reason, I'm hooked on Dog & Scissors. I still watched it. It doesn't make sense later on in episode 5 when a girl pulls out a giant tuna knife that is a gun and chain saw at the same time.


For fans of Free!, check out the Free! discussion thread.

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Feel like I am missing a joke with the opening....?...and man I had forgotten how 80's the video for once in a lifetime an odd video with a such an interesting song...

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