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Topic started by No_name_here on Feb. 15, 2014. Last post by zaldar 11 months, 1 week ago.
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Post by Marshal Victory (2,786 posts) See mini bio Level 14

That is a fair an balanced deconstruction of the deconstruction, that is Samurai Flamenco which deconstructs all things super hero / sentia.

I would point out again from "This is a story of love and justice presented by the creators who failed to be adults for those “grown-ups” who don’t want to be adults either….."

So yes they are fans of these things an do really show that reverance to the salt of the earth message found there in most super hero / senti shows.

One thing I can not see is a second season. But the its a dream aspect could be true. Tho since its layed out there so easy to see, I would say to easy to see. It may be a foreshadow trap! .. from beyond.

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My biggest fear for this show is that in the end it may not be a dream at all, After that thing with the gorilla I have a hard time going back, The initial premise was amusing enough for me, though now that I realize how Many episodes this series has aired I'm not so sure that would have been the case, I guess even the whole sentai deconstruction theory isn't enough to reel me back Either, perhaps if the show had ended a bit sooner I would have been more compelled To see whatever strange subtext they might be going for, As it stands however I have no interest in holding out that much longer.
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When I get spring break, I'll rent Kick Ass and the sequel. I admit I watch Samurai Flamenco for two characters, Mari Maya and Hidenori Gotō. For me, it was hard to watch after episode 7 where it changes the whole game. Even though I wasn't a big slice of life fan, I enjoyed the beginning part more than the latter part. After episode 11, I felt it should have ended. It gets weirder after episode 11. I wish they show a bit more of the Flamengers. I didn't get to be familiar with them compared to Goto and Mari's Mineral Miracle Muse gang.

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If it's not THE weirdest, then it's certainly ONE of the weirdest shows.

A Super Sentai wannabe with unconventional weapons who ends up fighting an alien criminal organisation with other Super Sentai wannabes with MORE unconventional weapons, giant robots and even Powerpuff Girls-like side trio in magical girl outfits who are actually J-Pop idols, two of them often seen kissing each other?

No... definitely not weird XD

Post by zaldar (1,317 posts) See mini bio Level 15

The more you talk about this the more interesting it sounds. Would it work for someone though who knows nothing about these kind of Japanese super hero shows like Karmen Rider (forget the genre name)? Eva, Madoka, worked as deconstructions for me because I was familiar with the genres and caught the references.

So I guess the next question is if this is the deconstruction who is going to do the reconstruction that Gurran Lagan was to eva OR given the second layer of subtext you mentioned is this BOTH a deconstruction AND a reconstruction Eva and Gurran Lagan in one show?

Oh and where can I buy Animal Man the run you mention? Sounds truly weird, odd, and wonderful...

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