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Topic started by No_name_here on March 29, 2014. Last post by Kino88 11 months, 3 weeks ago.
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1st an foremost had this pre-ordered threw amazon an have had it for few weeks. Same premium edition that's on your desk.Still in the shrink wrap due to unforeseeable events. Fire an illness will derail ones plans.

2nd I agree with most every thing ya said in the video .. Except that part about Ghost in the Shell an people with their heads up their arse. Both series have merit an both series ask questions in different ways as well as different questions all together.Where as Ghost in the Shell asks what is human? Psycho-Pass asks how much can you be controlled an still be human?

So they share the "future" back ground. The cyberpunk gene as well as a dark look at how people will be controlled in the future.Tho both series are not the same thing,comparisons are a natural thing to see.Any thing further is just opinion but you can like one an not the other. Or in my case love both with no regrets.

3rd Why Psycho-Pass did not get as much hype? Simple all the things you mentioned about the show its deep deconstruction its look at thought control is well uncomfortable to some peoples politics. It may have not been a conscious thing ,but this goes against some sites reviewers politics in a big way. From gun control to free speech to even free thought its all in this series.Big government is the Sybil system. Even read some did not like it because of its brutal death scenes! An then same people go on an on about Attack on Titan . So something is up.

4th Favorite scene? Gah! Hard to pick a jewel among so many gems in this crown of excellence. One when we see what Sybil is felt epic. Almost had that ..

Indiana Jone massive scope of what is going on feel.The holly crap this is bigger than we thought type thing.

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Looks like a nice package. Reminds me of a Japanese release.

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That is one sexy box set, this show was fantastic and I I'm glad There's gona be a another season,
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